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  1. Here's todays hint biggrin.gif

    Where doth I live?

    Not under hill,

    Not round hill,

    But rather right on top,

    To trickle down like pleasant rain,

    To all in chosen spot,


    You're only as old as you think you are, after all. Over the hill or not.

  2. Please change it to my anwser, instead! :o


    The old lady couldn't see well in the rain and caught the nametag by the fire. It's name was Dead. B)

    Kitten524 is absolutely right. There can be NO other solution. The fact that any other solution is being entertained just makes me sick.

  3. Someone saw an unattended 1-eyed, lame camel and decided to rob it. The person cut open both of the bags, but got bitten in the process. The camel escaped, leaving a trail of fat on one side and sugar on the other. His prints in the dirt were lopsided from the limp. A man complaining of a camel bite displayed an uneven wound, indicating a broken tooth. Maybe he didn't get bitten until he cut open the second bag, becaus ethe camel couldn't see him cut the first bag.

  4. A man was in a completely sealed off room (dont ask how he got in)

    There are absolutely no exits. He is trapped inside a totally solid cube.

    The man died, but not because of lack of oxygen.

    But if he had not bee in the room he would not have died.

    How did he die?

    I have to say that he's in a coffin. Had he not been dead, he wouldn't have been in the coffin.

    I don't think it's right, so I'm just going to say he died of natural causes.

  5. I bend to your will,

    I will be in your will,

    When you think of me,

    You will often remember cold,

    Through space and through time,

    Always, a place I have had,

    What am I?

    But am I ice?

    I can be chiseled to your liking,

    as diamonds, I will be left to your beneficiaries

    space is cold and full of me

    I have always been here before

  6. i come in many designs

    and colors and sizes

    if you dont know whats in me

    there can be some suprizes

    tiger and panda

    weve had for a long time

    often over looked for

    they carry things like these rhymes

    Endangered Animals??

    They fulfill all of the requirements except I'm not sure they carry rhymes around. I suppose it's possible. We don't know what's in them. Could be the cure for cancer or hair loss. Could be rhymes.

  7. A farmer wanted to sell his goat,he took it to the animal market.

    After a while came a man and asked the farmer :How many dollars is the price of this goat?

    The farmer said: 100 Dollars.

    The man agreed to buy it,he took the 100$ paper out of his poket in order to give it to the farmer but suddenly

    the goat jumped and picked up the money and chewed it,it was impossible to save the money,the goat swallowed it down.

    How can you judge between them?

    The farmer doesn`t took the money, so he can not give his goat to the man,and

    the man lost his money without taking the goat.

    Are you saying that the money can not be retrieved after the goat has passed it? Money is made of cloth, it should come out whole.

    If that's not possible, the owner should allow the purchaser to take some goat milk and make $100 worth of delicious goat cheese, sell it, and pay the man again.

  8. Treasure waits beyond the reach

    gold within a hold,

    remnants of the dead are stitched

    to keep the living whole.

    Broken bones among the weeds

    scattered ‘round and round,

    where untouched gems wait silently

    o’er blades upon the ground.

    A garden? You need to mulch the soil with dead leaves and humus. You use bone meal in the soil to help the bulbs bloom. Gems above the blades.

  9. Resting on my back.

    I'm separated from my kin

    Because in between us lies

    A round, shallow basin.

    Of us I am the youngest

    By many, many, years

    And while they have heads smooth and sharp

    Mine resembles spears

    This is the first riddle I myself have made that I consider a good, and not too easy, riddle.

    You've got me thinking of crystals around a pool of water or a cave. But that doesn't seem to fit, either.

  10. It's in Ireland!

    - ] } | % M ' ) ] [ ? ~ 1

    1 [ ] p ( [ j L [ - + 4 #

    ? ) √ > n z £ | ] < ? - &

    . ( & l ) z : | = \ ! | {

    - 3 ( J [ | ( 2 ' > $ - (

    3 1 = £ - = _ 7 ] p < [ )

    £ ( : > § - + } [ / ^ - p

    1 _ I _ 1 v # { ' 2 { § .

    ] + = 3 | & + | ` 1 ? ] -

    I } 7 1 ) ^ I 2 ( : 3 = T

    [ { ` 2 ( / = ' I - Z ( )

    ( - ( [ ) 5 ( ] = : | ) ]

    ) | z ] L 1 ) [ ( } ` | [

    This grid of 13 x 13 represents latitude and longitude coordinates of a Geocache in the form 54 XX.XXX 5 XX.XXX i.e degrees followed by minutes and decimals of a minute to three places - 13 digits in all. We know that the latitude (the first part) starts with 54 and we know the longitude starts with 5. The cache name is Obfuscate.

    I initially thought that this is probably a simple extract the numbers and ignore the rest as the first two columns add to 5 and 4 which is what was expected. But the third column adds to 7 and should only be a max of 5 (Minutes). Then I thought ROT47 translation as there are all those brackets etc but no go.

    Any thoughts about how to solve?


  11. Interesting. The cut parts aren't easily to comprehend, but the properties of the whole stick are well understood.

    This is a lot simpler to imagine if we consider the stick to be the interval from 0 to 1. From this interval of real numbers we remove all numbers of the form a/b, where a and b are integers, and b = 2i, where i = 1, ... infinity. Essentially from the real numbers we remove a subset of the rational numbers. The cut parts are hard to image, because between any two points P and Q in the interval, it's easy to see that there is infinite number of cuts between them. However, the density of the interval is still the same because the non-rational numbers on the interval [0, 1] are infinitely more dense than rational numbers. If we imagine that such a divisible stick existed, and we infinitely cut them as described above. Assuming that the pieces are left in place as they are being cut, at the end the stick would look exactly the same as before the cutting process.

    That's not "simpler to imagine", bushindo. But very cool answer, none-the-less.

    The stick is already infinitely cut

    So infinitely small

    We can't tell at all.

  12. It really depends upon who is doing the cutting.

    If I am doing the cutting, then at the end of a minute I am going to have bloody stumps where my fingers once were. And a really dull knife. But other people might get better results.

  13. I'd say about 30%. It can land on one plank, or it can land on one plank and the plank to the right of it. Or it can land one one plank and the plank to the left of it.

  14. What kind of silly question is this? I hope there is a quality answer. What ends everything always? Nothing! Nothing ever ends, it just changes form. Matter becomes energy, and energy becomes matter. The universe expands to what seems like infinity, then contracts to the size of a molecule. Nothing ever ends. Cavenglok, I hope you have a decent answer to this question.


    Mr. B, I really prefer your answer. If Harvey45 is right then I am SO ANNOYED!

  15. Good morning everyone! Enjoy.

    Who am I? That's for you to find

    When you know please answer the other lines

    What do I do? A sort of prison guard

    Keeping bad guys from being at large

    Where I am? It's kind of hot

    Would you like it here? Probably not

    Why am I here? It's not just for kicks

    Although I do have an affinity for sticks

    When will we meet? Maybe another life

    But only if you didn't live right

    I'm thinking it's

    a gridiron or something that keeps fire in.

  16. That was my initial thought too, but wouldn't the match burn out before all the water entered the cup?

    I believe it would go out.

    ..set the glass upside-down on the plate, then use the match to set the restaurant on fire. While the building burns, the water on the plate will evaporate into the glass. Then take the lemon wedge and squirt the juice in the waiter's eyes, then simply empty his pockets to retrieve your $100. Ta-dah!

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