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  1. Now if I were to tell you that this cache was hard to find, what would you say? It really is not hidden all that well. It is a lock and lock, but there is quite a mind boggling solution to finding it. The actual cache container is located within two miles of this spot.

    The cache location is in this puzzle. If you care, it is you that I dare. One man has six of them, two men have eight. If women have them, they are halved. If children have them, they have eighteen. I have none, but you have several. They are red at day and black at night.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    That is a tough one. Do you have the 2 mile radius? I wonder if there is some park or monument or anything of the sort that might lend a clue to the answer.

  2. Everyone knows that the Rubk's Cube is unsolvable through pivoting or rotation of the cube planes. The only way to solve it is to remove and reapply the stickers, or modify an image in paint as you have done above.

  3. Wow - never a right answer and now two in one day! I'm going to stick a gold star on my head.

    I don't think it's overstepping. It also helps us to guess depending upon your response to one answer.

  4. A play on words: Depression. As in sadness, as well as economics. I am admittedly biased towards sin and vice, but to partake in it usually implies eating, drinking, spending money on entertainment, and enjoying oneself. If you have no money it's not going to happen, and if you're unhappy, well...Both can be cyclical. Both eschew company and public gatherings as people tighten their belts and stay home instead of going out to spend money.

    Thanks for the rep, btw. But I do so wish I could get something right!!

  5. Alone, alone,

    For most of my life,

    Despising all,

    your sin and vice,

    I grow, I die,

    I will be replaced,

    The endless circle,

    In societies boom,

    What am I?

    Intolerance. It never really goes away but you get these tides of it directed towards one group of people or another (Irish, Jews, Blacks, gays, women, etc.). Eventually society becomes more tolerant as the generations pass, but it usually just replaces one form of hatred with the Hate du Jour.

  6. Here is a fascinating anti-terrorist logic puzzle. I don’t know the solution even myself. :rolleyes: Actually I dreamt this last night, but unfortunately I had woke up before solving it. :mad: Help me to counteract blowing up an airport!

    I arrived to an airport and in the customers hall I took part on a product show and I won a beltbag, what I was fond of, so I continued my way wearing it with pleasure.

    I entered the garage, where I realized, that I can get out of from through strict security check. There an other passenger helped me to recognize on my brand new beltbag two half of a palm size gray prism, to be sure that they were explosives. (The other passenger disappeared as he wouldn’t be there ever.)

    I felt in s***, so I contacted the officer in charge and told her (she was very pretty of course) in private:

    Please consider I am cooperating with you fully,

    but I have a problem and need help from you to solve it.

    I have a bomb with me, by accidently. I was trapped.

    And I don’t want it to blow up. - And I showed the device to her.

    She did not say anything, just started to walk fast towards the stream, by the foot of the building. I followed her. I did not have any question in me: I felt infinite trust towards her. Arriving to the stream I wanted to throw the bomb in the water, but she did not let me to do it.

    She started to chase pigeons, as well as me when I saw it. Both of us caught one of them. I thought I knew again the solution to fix the bomb on a pigeon an let it fly, but she tore out the wings of the bird. Then I woke up.

    I still wonder:

    Why the terrorist needed me to deliver the bomb?

    How, where or when planned they to activate it?

    Should I really trust in the officer?

    Please, help me with solutions to counteract the terrorist attack!

    Thanx in advance:


    They needed you to deliver the bomb because you are the dreamer,the foreigner, the tourist, the unsuspecting. They planned to activate it in the Domodedovo airport the night you dreamed it. You should NOT, I repeat NOT trust the sexy officer. She was tearing the wings off of the pigeons who would have carried the message out to the world and allowed the victims to escape. She was also taking away the ability to be free, to escape, to fly away. The stream was the stream of information that allowed you to have this vision, as well as the stream of information on the internet. Your infinite trust of the officer was what allowed them to perform this unspeakable act. You must keep your eyes open and trust yourself and not rely on figures of authority to seduce you into a feeling of false calm.

    Did I win?

  7. If 10 men and 3 boys can build a 10m long,5m wide and 7m high wall in 7 days how much time would 10 boys and 3 boys would require to build it!!! :huh:

    boys never grow up, it wouldn't make any difference.

  8. I am cold, dark,

    Wet, and unforgiving,

    Make the wrong move,

    'Tis garunteed to be your last,

    Once you've gone to far,

    you're within my grasp,

    to die in fear,

    with little repast,

    Sorry for the time between this and my last, everyone.

    The depths of the ocean, though I'm sure that's too easy

  9. I read this differently.

    I think that the train took 65 minutes on the first trip, but the question states that it left on time (not according to anyone's watch). The fact that he adjusted his watch is moot because it apprently kept time all day long, So when the train left on time (let's say 5pm) and got to the station 25% quicker, it arrived at 5:48:45. The station clock said 6pm and was 11.25minutes fast.

    This seems like a subjective problem, though,depending how you read it.

  10. Well done but i was not trying to rip off Shakespeare. I trying to get some of his words out there. I apologize to anyone who feels i may be plagiarizing for benefit

    Well I liked it and I'd like to see more of these.

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