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  1. Well like

    He had motive & access. Chris' name was scrawled all over the inside of her notebook, so she was obviously into him. But he worked downstairs from her apartment and would have been able to see her coming and going with a variety of people. That's when he went psycho. He also had access to her apartment via the back stairs and an easy excuse to be there (delivering food). He would want to disguise his name in her notebook to prevent suspicion from falling on him. Since he was dating her & probably often took her food orders, he'd know what drink she'd order.

  2. Is anyone else having this issue where they get redirected to a site called URL123.com every time they click on BrainDen from their google gadget?

    Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Is it a hack or what?

  3. Since you can't write OVER the word, let's assume it's a black word on white paper. We could color in all the white around the word. Although that does not indicate the word was written in a special way.

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