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  1. Unsolvable Letter Sequence? Help?

    He does say "Make sure you note which Tract you are in and the code you find in the cache container. You will need in the future." I'm not sure what he means by "tract" but if it's a multi-part from a series, then we might be missing additional info. A whole year without a find is a really bad sign.
  2. Name the author

  3. June 2013 POM - * not solved * - Enter Exit Code

    I will never get this puzzle. But it's driving me crazy,
  4. Untold Tales

  5. Experts Agree (for the most part)

  6. I believe that the
  7. Mnemonic

    Oh, I read that, but didn't understand because I associate Type A personalities with being uptight.
  8. Mnemonic

    No? Can you please explain? I'm slow today.
  9. It doesn't quite fit dandelions