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  1. The answer could be foul play, if there were deserts or mountains in Iowa:

    Acclaimed Journalist Found Dead, Mars Iowa Straw Poll

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    AMES, Iowa (GPI) --

    Sure to throw a pall over Mitt Romney's win of the Iowa Republican straw poll,

    critically acclaimed investigative reporter, Ken Wolfson was found dead here early Sunday.

    Area police suspect foul play.

  2. ... the price of lead would go up.

    That's a good observation.

    But the primary effect would be to make the King's hoard of lead more valuable.

    We have to somehow see how Sir Alex got rich.

    Here's a clue

    Sir Alex made his fortune the old fashioned way -- in gold.

    But he wasn't King Midas -- he couldn't make gold from anything other than lead.

  3. So far we have ...

    [1] what is the longest English word that contains a single, unrepeated vowel? Strengths

    [2] give 2 9-letter words that have 1 syllable. Strengths and [clue: S t r e _ _ _ _ _ ]

    [3] give a word that has 5 consecutive vowels. [clue: Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ]

    [4] give 2 words that have 5 consecutive consonants. Strengths, Angsts, and yet a third: [clue: W _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] might find it in MA

    [5] give a word that has 6 consecutive consonants. [clue: L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ] they went out of use 100 yrs ago

    [6] give 2 words that have the 6 vowels a e i o u y in alphabetical order Facetiously and A b s t e m i o u s l y freebie - that was tough

    [7] give a word that has 6 occurrences of the same vowel. [clue: I n d i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ]

    [8] give a word that has three consecutive repeated letters. bookkeeper

    2, 3, 4, 5, 7 remain.

  4. Rover died because ...

    [0] ... lacking fingers, he could not open his canteen.

    [1] He was an old dog; and crossing a desert is a new trick.

    [2] He ran across a baseball fan who ate him as a hot dog. [but only partially - he was a big dog and there was no ketchup]

    [3] He was not dogged enough to complete his journey.

    [4] He fell victim to a cat mirage.

    [5] ...

  5. Three boxes are all labeled incorrectly, but you must determine their contents, nevertheless.
    The labels on the boxes read as follows:

    [box 1] gold coins
    [box 2] silver coins
    [box 3] gold coins or silver coins

    To gain the information you need to determine the contents of each box,
    you may remove a single item from one of the boxes. You may not look
    into the boxes, nor pick them up and shake them, etc.

    Can this be done? If so, how? If not, why not?

    Wait. That was the old puzzle.
    The rules have been changed.

    You can't open any of the boxes.
    You can't remove any item from any of the boxes.
    You can't even touch any of the boxes.

    You're also told that the boxes all contain coins of a single type: gold, silver or bronze.


    No two of the boxes have the same contents.

  6. Maybe...

    He found a market for lead where it was worth more than it's weight in gold?

    Nope, that's not it.

    Remember, the King, whose mama has raised no fools, has confiscated all the lead in the kingdom.

    Alex has only a daily allowance of lead, and his head comes off next morning if he fails to bring it back as gold.

  7. A poem: ( a really really bad poem <!-- s:lol: --><!-- s:lol: --> )

    A man from the country in a carriage purple,

    Came upon a maiden in gowns of silver.

    Demanded of him, did she, an orange

    of which with alacrity he obliged.

    Days gone by, indeed a near month,

    He thought on her over a pint

    And in his beer thoughts most dangerous

    swirl'd around like clouds of purple.

    Writersblock is exactly right.

    Here's why:

    It ... is ... a ... really ... bad ... poem!

  8. He'd spent a lifetime searching, and Alex the Alchemist

    one night finally found the secret of turning lead into gold.

    When he reported his newfound prowess to his King, the

    sovereign was skeptical. Nevertheless he ordered all the

    lead in the kingdom confiscated and then gave a pound of

    the dull stuff to Alex, demanding it be transformed into

    something suitable to enrich the royal coffers the next day.

    A handsome reward was promised for success, along with generous

    compensation for making this a daily task; but death on the

    gallows awaited if Alex were found to be untruthful.

    Delighted with this opportunity, and seizing a chance to curry

    the King's favor even more, Alex declined all compensation, opining

    that it was reward enough, simply to be of service to his Liege.

    True to his word, lowly Alex returned to the castle at sunrise,

    a pound of glistening gold lying heavy in his rucksack. He laid

    it at the Monarch's feet, where a surprise awaited. The King

    convened his court, and stood, to praise Alex -- both for his

    alchemistic prowess and for his remarkable willingness to forgo

    monetary reward -- and knighted him on the spot!

    Smiling, Sir Alex rose and left the castle, satisfied that he had

    both gained the King's favor, and become not only a knight but

    a rich man, as well.

    What was shrewd Alex's secret?

    Edited for clarification.

  9. Looks like touch2solution.gif shows 7 matchsticks (pencils). Pretty impressive.

    If you look closely at the Touch2Solution you will see that the "RED" and the "LIGHT BLUE" match are "NOT TOUCHING"! The Thickness or mass of the "DARK BLUE" match is seperating them from touching. It may Appear that they are in contact from an ariel view, however it is obvious that anything with mass is going to seperate 2 objects if it is between them.

    Tell me what you think about my findings. I'm open for debate!

    Debate, as requested:

    In touch2, Red lies horizontally across Purple, Blue and Light Blue, touching each of them.

    The top surfaces of Purple, Light Blue and Blue are all at the same height, allowing Red to touch them all.

    Red's end then touches Yellow.

    Similar statements can be made for Yellow and Green.

  10. 1) senescene
    The "e" is repeated. Try your answer to [2] - both have 9 letters.

    2) strengths
    Yup, a really weird word.

    4) angsts
    That's one, and you gave the other in [2].

    6) facetiously
    That's one; another, anyone?

    8 bookkeeper
    Everyone's fav.

    Good work. [3], [5] and [7] remain.

  11. Assuming that the record was a standard 12" with a 4" middle section then the math is quite easy, there is 8" of diameter to play 50 minutes of music, so the answer is obviously.....

    I bet you thought you got me.

    He should have counted 2 grooves one on each side.

    OK, so you counted correctly; but let's ask the companion question: given everything that's been said, and simplifying things by assuming now that all 50 minutes of music are on side 1 of the record, and further simplifying by assuming equal spacing of the grooves, approximating pi by 3.14 or 22/7, whichever is easier to use, and rounding your answer to the nearest inch ...

    what is the total distance traveled by the needle, in 50 minutes, from the first note of the music to the last?

    [edited, to point out the question ...]

  12. What if Johnny is counting revolutions of the record and not grooves, and he only listens to 25 minutes of music? How many revolutions did he count?
    25x33 1/3 = 833 1/3 revolutions.
    Does it matter if he listened to the first 25 minutes or the last half of the record?

    [1] No, becasue there were exactly 25 minutes of music on each side.

    [2] No, because wherever the music is, the record spins at the same speed.

    The vibrations are more closely spaced near the center of the record.

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