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    I've just moved, to Ohio, from NY and drowning in the details of it.
    Reluctant to pledging my attention here. But,

    I'll give it a shot ... Should be able to check in at least daily. :ph34r:

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  2. Proof that CaptainEd's answer is minimal.


    Start with any interior 2x2 region and color the 4 squares differently.

    Without loss of generality,

    x x x x x
    x x
    2 3 x
    x x
    1 4 x
    x x x x x
    x x x x x

    Square(3,2), to the left of color 1 can only be 3 or 4

    Case 1: color(3,2) = 3


    This choice forces the coloring of 15 squares:

    x 3 1 4 x
    x 4 2 3 x
    3 1 4 x
    x 4 2 3 x
    x 3 1 4 x

    where all the x squares receive (only) colors 1 or 2.

    There are already 5 squares colored 3 and 4.
    Colors 1 and 2 must each occur at least 4 more times,
    making at least 7 squares with oolor 1
    and at least 6 squares with color 2.

    Case 2: color(3,2) = 4


    This choice forces only one other square

    x x x x x
    x 3 2 3 x
    4 1 4 x
    x x x x x
    x x x x x

    Square (4,2) can only be color 2 or color 3.

    Case 2a: color(4,2) = 2


    This choice forces the color of 15 squares:

    x x x x x
    2 3 2 3 2
    1 4 1 4 1
    2 3 2 3
    x x x x x

    where all the x squares receive (only) colors 1 or 4.

    There are already 5 squares colored 2 and 3
    Colors 1 and 4 must each occur at least 4 more times,
    making at least 7 squares with color 1
    and at least 6 squares with color 4.

    Case 2b: color(4,2) = 3


    This choice forces the color of 9 squares:

    x x x x x
    3 2 3 x
    x 4 1 4 x
    3 2 3 x
    x x x x x

    where all the x squares receive (only) colors 1, 2 or 4.

    Colors 1, 2 and 4 must each occur at least 4 more times,
    making at least 5 squares with color 1,
    and at least 6 squares with colors 2 and 4.

    Solution: There are exactly 4 squares with color 3.

    Make color 3 Yellow



    With hindsight,


    Squares (2,2) (2,4) (4,2) and (4,4)collectively touch ALL the other squares and and do not touch each other. So one solution is 4 squares. Enumeration of all cases proves that 4 is minimal.


  3. Six-step solution:


    Check holes in this order: 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4. After one of these steps the fox is found.

    Why this works:


    Assume fox's initial hole is even.

    (1) 2: found, or in hole 4 and moves to 3 or 5.
    (2) 3: found, or in hole 5 and moves to 4.
    (3) 4: found, or it was case 2 and fox's hole
    now is even. Repeat steps 1-3.


  4. 9 hours ago, araver said:

    I was a bit flustered on mobile that I didn't know how to call it when I saw it edited and had to wait awhile to get to a computer where I could be certain.

    @araver Just thinking, if there had been a (what, several hour maybe?) wait (like a videotape review of a sporting event play) to get to a non-mobile computer to make the call ...  That would have been a double-wow moment. :unsure: Hold on, almost ready, any moment now ... (we go to bed) ... and ... Bam, goodies are bye-bye.^_^

    @flamebirde you should not feel too bad  ... you very reasonably expected your first vote switch would create the final roster. And (I think) it would have made a 2-2-1 triple lynch, no? If you had doubled your single vote? The fact is, I was waiting also to try for a double lynch, but your change just beat mine. So I did what I had to do just to save my skin. That you were able to make another change, after mine, and beat the deadline was heroic. The outcome was just bad luck for the goodies. And you're right in saying Molly was masterful.

    @maurice_2.0 I got it that you and Molly were bantering as experienced masters of the game. And I still don't get JH or Easy. No matter. But it still created my (original) impression of both being goodies. For the two of you, I suppose, you would banter just because you could, regardless of faction, and both being confident of that, it didn't out Molly to you.

  5. @Molly Mae  It gave me a moment's hope that I was still alive and that you might have ACTUALLY wasted the RID earlier (not much chance) or that I had you pegged wrong (this late, not much chance of that, either.) BTW (as Araver noted, you were really left alone) I would have NK'd you N2 (instead of Panther) except for the fact that my wincon was to get EVERYONE killed, and I figured (a) you might be trapped or for another reason my NK of you might not go through and (b) Panther, being reasonably quiet and not accused/suspected would likely succeed, and I could not afford an unsuccessful N2 kill. So I chose Panther. Then I concentrated on scenarios for double and/or triple lynchings D2, and THEN finally it came to me (too late to do anything about it but hope) how well empowered you were for the end game. So I spewed out whatever smoke I could think of at the end. And I guess Flame did as well. Nicely played.

    @maurice_2.0 You were tenacious. I still do not get all the comments between you and Molly (and the hearts icon threw me a bit), but at the first I had Molly as a goodie and you (or possibly MiKi) as Indy. Then it seemed Molly had to be Indy, but with doubts, because your comments with Molly didn't seem of the type that a goodie-non-goodie would have. The dream comment I half-believed, and it's commensurate with your immersion in the game. @MissKitten frankly was hard for me to read, seeming to be a little "too" flustered, for an expert player, about posting late. But then her "dreams don't lie" was (cute and) believable, and it fixed her as a goodie, and made you more likely a goodie as well. Flame then confirmed as Mayor with his vote switches (I had already figured out three multiple-lynch scenarios, so I was looking for them. Flame first set up a triple lynch that would have included me (spectacular) but (a) he posted it at 1:56 -- a little bit too early in the day. It allowed me to change, which as Molly pointed out I had promised to do, and then (b) Flame had to scramble under extreme time pressure, and it ended up double lynching you and MiKi. That took the guesswork out of what followed, but by then I think Molly had it sewed up.

    I think in the end, as Araver noted, I should have tried, at least, to NK Molly N2. But that's hindsight. I went on a killing spree, and hoped for and got a multiply lynch, but then all of Indy's abilities came to light and I had to hope for a blunder that, of course, Molly was not going to make.

  6. @Thalia: Curse of the moderator is that his edits don't show, automatically.
    Except, if you mouse over the time stamp.

    I forget that, sometimes, especially if my edits are simply for typos or just clearer wording.
    But if something substantive is changed, I do make a note of it.
    Like my instant retraction of a knee-jerk post (D2?) that revealed waaaaay too much,
    just before the results of the fateful Goodie Lynch (thanks, Flame) were posted.

    I also watched over the times of FB's lynch changes, and when Araver took his last on as valid
    (it was) but commented that he didn't know about the edit that showed up on FB's last post,
    i.e. whether the fateful change, not just the OP, met the deadline, I knew that it did. Since
    Araver made the right call, I did not jump in (either the game thread or the BTSC) to confirm
    it was the right decision. No need to., and the conversation itself might have become confusing.

    Thalia, the links followed FB's offer of suicide pact to create a tie, which I declined, explaining ...

    1. Link 1 that getting a tie is no more satisfying than Kissing your Sister.
    2. Link 2 that the mass suicide of the Jews the night before the Romans breached
      their stronghold at Masada was heroic, perhaps, but still depressing.

    I couldn't confirm or deny whether Flame's idea would work. But. while I was debating
    it, I had the (incorrect) notion that Molly could be lynched, by either him or me.
    So I opted for a coin toss, instead.

    @Flame, was that a legitimate offer? :ph34r: Would it actually have worked?
    Or just a ploy if you realized that my next move was pretty certain to NK you?

    I was really confused when the RID kill did not come N4 or at least first thing D4.
    @Molly, were you sleeping?

    @Araver, Kudos. Lots of possibilities, right up to the end.

  7. On 4/5/2017 at 11:08 AM, Molly Mae said:

    1. The Cop.  Second would be The Mayor or Doctor, depending on how the game goes.
    2. Tough choice.  Mick can kill, but has to last to the bitter end.  Clark can only kill once (potentially), but only needs three people gone.  Important: Neither can win while the other lives.  

    Early on, I'd say Clark is more dangerous, since he could win at the end of N1 at the earliest (if everyone used their kills and happened to get all of his targets).  By my calculation, the earliest Mick could win is the end of D2.  

    Question: who's the (1) most valuable goodie and (2) most dangerous baddie.
    In his answer Molly gives us bonus intel: Baddies cannot tie.

    @Flame: Think it through.

    Wincons are clear: we're all playing for a win. Only two of us have a chance.



  8. 4 hours ago, flamebirde said:

    No, actually the goodies just lost.

    Well played, Bonanova.

    Thanks, but let's not count our chickens just yet. ;)

    Whoever you are, are posing to be or not to be, you claim, and want us to believe, the goodies have lost?

    From your evident sadness I'm leaning toward your being a goodie. If you can't win, no matter what, then ... you would lose nothing by ... venturing a guess as to who you think will win.

    Care to share? Or are we still being conned? :ph34r:

  9. 2 hours ago, Molly Mae said:

    If Panther was the Indy, there's still a small chance the goodies can win.  You're basically just claiming Mick now, huh?

    Or you are. :ph34r:

    You freely talked about using Clark's powers (the other Clark, not Kent).
    Now you're happy to be thought of as a goodie.

    Anything but the truth?

  10. @Flame (Edit: previous comment retracted, pending lynch outcome.)

    Nice try, and it would have been a spectacular finish.
    Even now we're not certain of the lynch outcome.

    I'm on EDT, tho, and may not wait up for the news.

    Edit: I still am not certain of Indy. :(

  11. @maurice, I'm inclined that way as well (Panther is goodie.)
    That leaves me rudderless, since my only strong Indy suspects have been yourself and Miki,
    and there's equal reasons now to place you both as good.

    The best thing for the goodies at this point would be a bloodless Day 2.
    Which, as you point out, is not possible.

    One way or another, tonight's conversation will be interesting.

  12. At this point it's my uncertainty about Miki that I'm trying to resolve. Indy is enemy #1, and I can't pin down in my own mind who it is, including Panther. I've thought it was everyone at one point or another, except for myself of course, and for Molly. If I put together everything that has been said, I can't conclude it's MiKi, as others have, although I do plan to change my vote to her in time to make her a sure lynch, regardless of the manip (if Mayor is still around) or the OT redirect.