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  1. The halfway glass

    You're right. I botched it. rodomac's wordless pics were in my mind, but they never made it to the keyboard.
  2. Truth in packaging

    Three boxes are all labeled incorrectly, and you must get the labels right. The labels on the boxes read as follows: [box 1] nails [box 2] screws [box 3] nails and screws To gain the information you need to move the labels to the correct boxes, you may remove a single item from one of the boxes. You may not look into the boxes, nor pick them up and shake them, etc. Can this be done? If so, how? If not, why not? [Edit to add solution.] [Edit again to explain.]
  3. Proof that there exist only one answer

    Maybe, maybe not.
  4. Determining an ellipse given a foci

    I, as well, stand by my answer. Caveat:
  5. Segment a segment

    To clarify. You don't have any of these abilities: Make a line segment of equal length to another segment, or equivalently make equally-spaced pairs of points. (You don't have a pair of dividers.) Make a line segment that is parallel to another line (segment). Make an arc. (You don't have a compass.) But you do have the equivalent of a straight-edge.
  6. Russian Roulette

    Don't see how it matters, unless ...
  7. Westworld Mafia

    Thanks to araver for the game. With a full (original) compliment of players the game would have unfolded very differently, even with a lucky lynch.
  8. Westworld Mafia

    I'm headed to bed (US EDT). I'll read my obit when I wake up. I hope something kind is said ... I'm wondering ... has a player ever been BOTH of the first two kills before? Poor Aura
  9. Westworld Mafia

    I'm in. I'm changing my block now. (said the soldier willing to die for the cause.)
  10. Westworld Mafia

    You mean which Goodie? I didn't. But if the list of names were alphabetized I'd be at the tail end. Thus I'm a non factor at this point.
  11. Westworld Mafia

    So ... if Dolores or Hector is still around ... then ... grab the gun and get it done? Gav and I have claimed goodie roles. I don't know what (1 of 2 roles) Nana has claimed. Flame and plas: just need one of you to claim and it's done. Wow.
  12. Westworld Mafia

    bonanova <- (goodie color)
  13. Westworld Mafia

    Well other than the reference to my color, it's so early in the game I don't know what else to allude to. That said, there are so many goodies, it seems likely one of us will swing tomorrow morning. Sad.
  14. Westworld Mafia

    Agree Phil should post. Also the other analyses are good reading; I'd like to see more. As for myself: I like my color. 1. Gavinksong - voting for Flamebirde2. Flamebirde - voting for bonanova3. Nana77 - voting for plasmid4. plasmid - voting for phil5. phil18826. bonanova - voting for phil
  15. Westworld Mafia

    BTW I'm here, stumbling around in the dark ... Hi y'all.
  16. Chess Board Puzzle

    And rotated?
  17. City Growth

  18. A gambling problem

    What is his initial bet (stake)? Did you mean to say "Every time he wins, he raises his stake by 1/4 of his bankroll"?
  19. [1] Standard version of a classic A king wishes to choose the man his daughter will marry. She has three suitors: a Knight, a Knave, and a Commoner - whom the King wants to avoid. The king does not know which man is which, and the suitors do not know each other. But the king knows Knights always speak the truth, Knaves always lie; while Commoners respond as they please. The king asks each man one yes/no question, then chooses the groom. What are his questions, and how should he choose? [2] Standard version with a twist Now suppose the three suitors know each other. Find a new strategy for the king to ask a question of just two of the three suitors to pick the groom. [3] Making it a little harder Find a strategy for the king to ask questions of only one suitor, but there can be two questions. [4] The Puzzle Master special Find a strategy for the king to ask only one yes/no question and only of one suitor. ------------------- Edit for clarity: "ask questions of one suitor" means "ask one suitor a question"
  20. Triangle ABC is isosceles. Find angle x. Do not assume the figure is drawn to scale. Do not use the law of sines. Use simple geometric reasoning, like Isosceles triangles have two equal angles and sides. The angles of a triangle sum to 180 degrees. Things like that. Have fun.