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  1. This is a bit more elaborate than the previous one that I posted because it has less colors and more squares. Basically they should have the same pattern of construction. I don't know the answer, so your guess is as good as mine! I forgot to numerate the options given. So let say that the first one on the left is 1, than 2... 5! #$%& Sorry! The picture was way to big to fit in!
  2. Yes! That's what it is! However I'm very interested to find out how you got there?! Nice job!
  3. andromeda

    Welcome and read the rules above before you post! And it's more interesting if you don't write the answer down!
  4. Is it one of these people
  5. I'm giving up! How am I suppose to know that?! I don't even play chess! And I don't think that any other hint may help because the hint that you have given me is essential for solving the riddle and I have no clue!
  7. Yeah I'm enjoying this! Nice try but no !
  8. I'm afraid to ask but did you mean I'm working my brains of here and I'm just spinning in circles! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh you shouldn't have helped me cause now I'm even more confused, but I'm not giving UP!!!!!! <_<
  10. I managed to find And just can't get the rest of it, but I hope it helps to someone else!
  11. andromeda

    We in Europe call that game football (not soccer). Americans invented that name I guess to differentiate it from American football (I don't even know why they call it like that, they carry the ball around). So you have (European) football and American football!
  12. All you got one line right, 4! But woon got one step closer with line 1! Yes, it's one of those 3, but it's not what jenjan29445 wrote! You are close to 1 and you got the 4! Don't give up and welcome to BD!
  13. I loved it as well (I almost put here two s's ) , love geometry! Give us some three dimensional ones!
  14. andromeda

    Identical and symmetrical are not synonyms! So it's one or the other! <_<
  15. With an instrument you start to write, You’ll might need help from the FBI, Internally save your energy and then Follow these clues with an eye, Ultimately you’ll add them all in, And then you’ll know what I am! Hint I hope it's not too easy!
  16. andromeda

    I hope you have a new riddle prepared because this is a
  17. Just to explain the 'certain animal' hint.
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