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  1. WOW! Over 20 000 profile views!

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    2. andromeda


      I nibble on the cookies that happened to have the same name as YOU do! Nibbling the cookies is innocent...

    3. Izzy



  2. Reputation 19? When did that happen?

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    2. dark_magician_92


      so by getting surprised, repu increases lol

    3. dark_magician_92


      so by getting surprised, repu increases lol

  3. Hello you cute German-American fluff :) When are you coming over to Europe?

    1. andromeda


      Oh, I've finished reading "The God Delusion" and I think I'm having a crush on Richard Dawkins!!! :D

    2. Izzy


      I am not American!

      And... idk, going to Thailand next summer.

  4. Stastlivy Novy rok!

    (I hope the translation is good)

    Срећна Нова година!


  5. Oh... OK :D

    What did I say??

  6. Don't you forward your clock in Slovakia? We have switched to summer time yesterday!

  7. Um... well your local time hasn't changed...

  8. This is like getting home and while you were out everything was redecorated?! Weird!

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  10. My message:

    Could you approve my two comments in the Gallery?

    Thank you :)

  11. I'm lovin' this! I can see every comment that I add on other people's profiles on my page and their feedback and I can comment more... oh the possibilities...

  12. Is this your real birthday?

  13. Yeah! I love Russians, especially Dostoevsky. I read pretty much everything except those on 10 bestsellers list. When too many people like a certain book something's not right. I never read or seen "The da Vinci Code".

  14. I never said those books are bad :)))! And I do own "Angels and Demons" but never forced my self to read it! And I didn't say D.Brown is a bad writer... it's just I don't want to be drawn into the 'pop' vortex! :D know what I mean... ;)

  15. I don't dare to try! :D

    BTW, I watching The X Factor on YouTube right now... how's that for not being drawn in hahahaha...

  16. American Idol kind of show, it's made in Britain! Total rubbish but I'm totally hooked!!! :D

  17. Dude... you should put the comic on your about me page and not your sig... it's too big and distracting! And not funny...

  18. OK... It's funny a bit! :D

  19. I think I've heard it before and I laughed at it then... ;D

  20. Ahhhh... come back, come back we can't start the game without you Eat Poop You Cat or something... :(

  21. I know you can't come back just yet...

  22. "...but you as an idea, as a lifeform, as a person, will exist onward, probably forever."

    I love this part! :D

    And I totally agree with you the purpose of life is life itself in all it's colors! :)

  23. Happy Birthday precious :)

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