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    Does the Indy trap appear even if it doesn't save anyone from actual death? Can they act on themselves? Do the goodie save and the Indy trap appear identically in the night post?
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    Signups: 1. Gavinksong2. Flamebirde3. Nana774. plasmid5. phil18826. bonanova 7. aura8.9. 10.11.12 I've just moved, to Ohio, from NY and drowning in the details of it. Reluctant to pledging my attention here. But, I'll give it a shot ... Should be able to check in at least daily.
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    If a box contains twenty-one coloured discs, composed of fifteen blue discs and six red discs, and two discs were taken at random, it can be seen that the probability of taking two blue discs, P(BB) = (15/21)×(14/20) = 1/2. The next such arrangement, for which there is exactly 50% chance of taking two blue discs at random, is a box containing eighty-five blue discs and thirty-five red discs. By finding the first arrangement to contain over 1012 = 1,000,000,000,000 discs in total, determine the number of blue discs that the box would contain.
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    import java.util.*; public class lychrel { public static long palin(long n) { long m,p=0; while(n>0) { m=n%10; p=(p*10)+m; n=n/10; } return p; } public static void main(String ar[]) { long a,l,i,j=0,t,it=0; Scanner v=new Scanner(System.in); a=v.nextInt(); l=a+palin(a); t=palin(l); for(i=1;i<=10;i++) { it++; if(l==t) break; else { l=l+palin(l); t=palin(l); } if(i==4) j=l; } if(l!=t) { System.out.println(a+" is a Lychrel Number"); System.out.println("5th iteration of number "+a+" is "+j); } else System.out.println(it); } }
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    Hirk had to have been a goodie: baddie wouldn't target himself for a kill, and Indy can't be killed N1.
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    Player A has one more coin than player B. Both players throw all of their coins simultaneously and observe the number that come up heads. Assuming all the coins are fair, what is the probability that A obtains more heads than B?
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    (BR / BL +UR) UL Thus... (8/4 +2) 3= 12 (2/1 + 6) 4= 32 (9/3 +4) 2= 14 and for the last one.. (6/2 +3) 5 = 30
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    On my phone, I see a link on each post that says "quote". I can sort of copy and paste the roster on phone but as I found out last game, the cursor had an unfortunate habit of moving... Spoilers and colors on phone have to be done with the [ ] codes. Spoiler: {spoiler}your text here{/spoiler} with [ ] instead of { }. No spoiler titles. Colors: {color=red/orange/whatever}text here{/color} also with [ ] instead of { }.
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    @MissKitten Tagging does not work on mobile and quoting is hard on mobile as well. But other than that, on a PC, one can copy-paste colors and not bother with quoting the roster altogether. Which is cool. At least from a host's PoV.
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    I think it's fair to say that the Coup of Rhotus is effectively dead for now; we're having enough trouble getting signups for a ten player game as is. Maybe once we build the player base a bit we can try to revive it, but for now I think it's rather unlikely. On the other hand, Forgotten Districts is in signups, and that's relatively close to getting off the ground!
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    UN Mafia III Secret Alliance: Wincon - Last standing China -- The size of the country allowed it to send a replacement for the representative lost in the previous game. Each night chooses a player to target and remove from the game. Action is unstoppable except via save. Will use its electronic interception technologies to find out the identity of the target if target is saved. Once during the game (ODTG) can remove a vote. UN Alliance: Wincon - Last standing. USA -- The size of the nation and its offensive capabilities, demand it acts but not two nights in a row. Chooses to invade (kill) on even or odd nights at the beginning of the game. Must invade on said night, if no target is drawn it is randomly selected (cannot invade self). Germany -- Its economic influence grows steadily which leads to an increase in political influence. Sometimes is forced to save nations in dire need, but would prefer preventing actions. Each night can save a player but there's a 50% chance that this backfires in which case Germany loses its vote the next day. Russia -- Has hundreds of satellites floating in space. Can use one per night to spy an alive nation either to see who targeted it or to see who that nation acted upon. Once during the game (ODTG) Russia can instead get lucky and find out a player's true role. United Kingdom -- Has worldwide influence among its former colonies. Once per night it can blockade a country, but not the same country twice in a row. Blockading stops any day or night action except for ODTG actions and the Secret Alliance's night invasion. Australia -- Has an interesting choice of possibilities due to its cultural diversity. Has 4 agents at its disposal, each can be used once: 1. Add 1 extra secret vote, 2. Remove a vote, 3. Protect (save but cannot be cast on self), 4. Break quarantine (used during the day can make the player quarantined by Sweden able to vote and be voted for). Indy Sweden -- A nation with nothing to contribute to war and naturally inclined to peace. From time to time, may choose to temporarily side with a Faction or the other, in order to protect its own interests. Each night can quarantine a country but not the same twice in a row. Quarantine acts like a trap - saves from kills / invasions and renders the target neutral - unable to vote the next day or be voted for (but can speak). Once during the game (ODTG) can veto out a country (RID Kill) at any point during the day or the night, but will forfeit acting the next night if that happens. Sweden cannot die N1 (NK attempt won't appear in the NP). Wincon: Outlive two secret countries and the Secret Alliance. Stops game if successful. Must be alive at the beginning of the next phase in order for "outlive" to be counted. Secret targets are drawn at the beginning of the game and are known only to Indy. Rules * NP shows invasions (kill), protections (saves) and quarantines (trap). * DP shows lynched players (no hint if the vote was manipped. * Tie: D1 no lynch, D2+ all players in tie are lynched. * OOA: Night invasion (kill) >> Blockade (block) > Quarantine (trap) > Protect (save) > Regular invasion > Spy * Blockade / Quarantine will be told to the players regardless if they had an action that was blocked or not * Regular invasion can be blocked, the SA night invasion cannot be blocked, only saved from * Sweden's ODTG RID veto cannot be blocked or saved from as it happens instantly Players: 1. Thalia 2. bonanova 3. Molly Mae 4. Flamebirde 5. maurice 6. MikeD 7. plasmid Backups: 8. 9. Roles are out, Night 1 ends Monday Feb 20th at 9 PM UTC (About UTC). That means 4 PM EST and 11 PM for me.
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    If it makes you feel any better, I had you and Molly as Germany and Russia before the mass outing. Thought bonanova sort of claimed Australia earlier but figured if the US killed him I'd be better off whether he was Australia or China. He seemed like the biggest threat to me with his day actions. If maurice had removed a vote besides flamebirde's, it would have been a tie and I wouldn't have even got the chance to use my RID kill. When I was first reading through, I didn't realize you were expecting me to kill Molly. Got a bit of a laugh from that. So the biggest thing the mass outing accomplished was it made sure you got China. If you had lynched fb, I would have RID killed maurice which would have been blocking. I did get really lucky with bonanova getting the UK lynched D1 so thanks for that. On another note, I came extremely close to not acting at all N2 to try to frame plasmid as Sweden. Might have given mo's claim more credibility with neither Sweden nor China showing... So now that I know asking won't get me killed, what's a PGP public key block? And where were those soft claims?
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    @Thalia Understand, (with apologies to the players.) Hanlon's Razor. Seriously, what do we know about maurice?
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    I think phaze is right about the most practical answer. If that fails, I tend to agree with bonanova.
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    Anyone here ever play the board game Balderdash? I was thinking this would make for a fun forum game and there are some similarities to Mafia, methinks. For those who have not played the gist is this. Player A selects a card. That card has an obscure word and the definition. Player A reads aloud the word and then proceeds to write down the definition while all other players write down their own definition. Usually they do not know the definition. This is fine as that is not the goal. Player A shuffles all of the definitions and reads them aloud. Points are scored for guessing the correct definition, other players guessing your definition, actually writing the correct definition, and Player A scores if nobody guesses correctly. The version I have also has Names, Dates, Acronyms and Movie Titles. The subject is chosen by the roll of a die. So here's my thought. We get 6-10 players to sign up, I will serve as a perpetual "Player A" I will roll a die and select a card. Then I will post the "word" and subject matter. Players have 24 hours to pm me their "definitions". After those 24 hours, I will post the "definitions" and players vote on them roster style a la Mafia. You do not score points for voting for your own "definition". Chatter is encouraged. After 24 hours I will announce the correct "definition" and post scores. This will go on until somebody scores 20 points, I'm thinking 2-3 weeks. Scoring is as follows: - Players submitting the correct definition are immediately awarded 3 points - Players are awarded 2 points if they guess the correct definition. - Players are awarded 1 point for each other player who incorrectly chooses the fake definition they submitted. - The Host is awarded three points if no one guesses the correct definition. If there is interest, I would like to start Sunday. I'm thinking I may try to create a game board, but don't hold me to that. I would like players to select a color, however. If you'd like to play place your name next to a color. The rules we will play by are in the spoiler below. Isolating to make signups easier Host - maurice Red - Blue - Green - Purple - Orange - LimeGreen - Turqoise - Brown - HotPink - Gray -
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    _ R _ _ _ PROOF - 1 ENTER - 0 PLOTS - 0 ERASE - 1 CRATE - 1 CHASE - 0 mo +5 I can not erase that proof. You open the crate to find 5 points.
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    foyer - 1 proves the Y since other 4 letters are known word is GLYPH gl was proven since brass = 0
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    ZEBRA If 5 then wooty pooty woot
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    @marksmanjay you're missing GOTHS - 1 and a duplicate MATES - 2 - your points, not mine P.S. Cool "@" works /me slaps mo around with a large trout P.P.S IRC does not work
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    SHRUG - It's under your name and in your signature.
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    MAFIA Cuz, yeah
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    Ooh. It's been a while. ROLLO - Logic: At this point, I don't need logic.
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    and a Spoiler for some additional thoughts:
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    Euler? Euler? Euler?
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    just guesing without doing calculation.
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    Connecting the 8 corks with web with least linear meter requires connecting with the web along the sides of the cube (no diagonals) with length 1m, and uses at least 7 segments to connect 8 corks. so the total length is 7*1m = 7 meters. and the shape could vary, as long as you pass the web only along the sides of the cube.
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    A little shorter then the obvious
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    Hi wiseabel, and welcome to the Den. So clearly there are several ways in which these numbers are similar and, equally clearly, we're to look for something beyond the fact they are integers. Three are odd, and a different group of three are prime. Three of the four contiguous pairs are descending. Only one of the digits (1) repeats among the numbers. At first glance, I don't see a common similarity, but I'll give it some more thought perhaps in a later post. Thanks for submitting a puzzle!
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    to life or not to life this code itself is a toast a jewish custom and saying when it is time to boast i would raise my glass in a gathering over roast a wedding or maybe just to avoid becoming a ghost i toast to the counter sign and toast to life but the word has just slipped my mind remind me? hey guys, i need some help for this riddle, since i cant get any out of it.
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    Divide the thirty coins into four groups of 9, 9, 9, and 3. Label the 9 coin piles as 9a, 9b, and 9c. Weighing number one is 9a vs. 9b. If they balance, the odd coin is in either in 9c or in the pile of 3. If so, then weighing Number 2 is 9a vs. 9c. If they balance, then the odd coin is in the pile of 3. Label the three coins the pile of 3 as 3a, 3b, and 3c. Weighing number 3 is 3a vs. 3b. If they balance, the odd coin is 3c. In that case, weighing number four is 3c vs. any other coin to determine if the odd coin is lighter or heavier than the rest. If after weighing No. 3, coin 3a does not balance against coin 3b, then one of them must be the odd coin. Remove the lighter coin, let’s say it’s 3b, and place coin 3c on the scale against the remaining heavier one, 3a. If they balance, then the odd coin is 3b and it is lighter. If they do not balance, then the odd coin is 3a and it is heavier. Now let’s go back and see what happens if the first weighing has a different outcome. Weighing number one was 9a vs. 9b. Let’s say that they do NOT balance. That means that the odd coin is in either 9a or 9b. Note which of the two is heavier. Let’s say 9a is heavier. Weighing number two is 9a vs. 9c. They will either balance or 9a will be heavier. There is no possibility that 9a will be lighter. If 9a and 9c balance that means that the odd coin is in 9b and that it is lighter. If 9a is again heavier, that means that the odd coin is in 9a and it is heavier than the rest. Let’s say it’s in 9a and it’s heavier. Now divide 9a into three groups of three coins each. Label them 3A, 3B, and 3C. Weighing number three is 3A vs 3B. If they balance then the odd (heavier) coin is in 3C. If they do not balance, the odd (heavier) coin is in the heavier of 3A or 3B. Take the group of the three that contains the odd coin and divide it into 3 individual coins: 1a, 1b, and 1 c. The fourth weighing is 1a vs. 1 b. If they balance the odd is is 1c and it is heavier. If they do not balance, then the odd coin is the heavier of 1a and 1b. Using this same methodology, the odd coin and its status may be determined no matter how each of the weighings turn out.
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    Suppose there is an equilateral triangle (side length 1/5 unit) inside a unit circle. Drawing straight lines through the circle, what is the least amount of lines that it would take to ensure we intersected (found) the triangle?
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    A man enter a room. In the room there is a 2 digits number on the wall. His friend outside the room do not know the number. But just by ring the bell once, his friend know the number. how could this happen ?
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    Here's some canon fodder, could it be
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    "You have an OCD of things in even numbers" "No I have not... . . . . No I have not."
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    Code: #include <iostream> #define BUF_SIZE 100 using namespace std; void putInArray(int num, int* buf){ for(int i=0;i<BUF_SIZE;i++){ buf[i] = num % 10; num = num / 10; } } bool isPalindrom(int* buf){ int i=0, j=BUF_SIZE-1; while(buf[j]==0 && j>0){ j--; } while(i<j){ if(buf[i] != buf[j]){ return false; } i++; j--; } return true; } void applyIteration(int* buf){ int i=0, j=BUF_SIZE-1; while(buf[j]==0 && j>0){ j--; } while(i<=j){ int temp = buf[i] + buf[j]; buf[i++] = temp; buf[j--] = temp; } for(int i=0;i<BUF_SIZE-1;i++){ buf[i+1] += buf[i] / 10; buf[i] = buf[i] % 10; } } bool isLychrel(int* buf){ for(int i=1;i<50;i++){ applyIteration(buf); if(isPalindrom(buf)){ return false; } } return true; } int main() { int buf[BUF_SIZE]; for(int num=0;num<10000;num++){ putInArray(num,buf); if(isLychrel(buf)){ cout << num << " is Lychrel " << endl; } } }
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    A group of four people has to cross a bridge. It is dark, and they have to light the path with a flashlight. No more than two people can cross the bridge simultaneously, and the group has only one flashlight. It takes different time for the people in the group to cross the bridge: Annie crosses the bridge in 1 minute, Bob crosses the bridge in 2 minutes, Caren crosses the bridge in 5 minutes, Dorothy crosses the bridge in 10 minutes. How can the group cross the bridge in 17 minutes?
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    as before - SHOPPERS = 0, SHOPPING = 1 so ?????ING = 1. so ANYTH??? = 0 from ANYTHING = 1. In APPETITE = 5 not A??????? from ANYTHING = 1, NOT ?P?????? from SPACEMAN = 0 so ??PETITE = 5 from 6. As SOLUTION = 1, TI <= 1 so ??PE??TE is proven. Maurice, I know you're reading this ya big galoot.
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    Yes, that makes sense. It's like the guy who was prophesied to be killed by his son, so he has all his sons put to death, but one escapes death, grows up not knowing his father, and winds up killing him because of it. Destiny & free will are not mutually exclusive. That upsets people.
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    I don't quite understand the fascination with 'paradoxes' of this sort, which basically come down to which of the two statements are true, if any. I am blue. I am red. Am I blue or red? Maybe I'm green. Doesn't matter, both cannot be true. The truth is on the other side. The other side holds no truths. Or is that just it? We enjoy 'trapping' the mind in a room with mirrors on both the wall we are facing and the wall directly behind, and looking at the infinite reflections that result? I just don't get it. Can someone tell me what I am missing? I am reminded of the "bullet that pierces all vs. armour that cannot be pierced" contradiction. Similar situation, both just cannot exist. One is right, the other is wrong, or maybe both are wrong, but the contradictory elements cannot both be right.
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    This is what the mother should say to the crocodile: "Crocodile, before I tell you what you will do to my child, I will tell you this: My child is the thing I hold dearest to my heart and if someone were to take him away from me, then I will spend the rest of my life studying whomever was responsible for destroying my child and destroy the one thing that he loves most in this world. If he has children of his own, I will destroy them. If not, he will have to live in constant fear that if one day he should have children, their lives will be in danger. If perhaps it is a swamp that he loves the most in the world, I will use the power of man's knowledge to destroy it. Whatever it is that he loves most will be taken away from him, and he will not know when it will happen and thus must live a life of fear. That being said, you will give me back my child."