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    Agree. When I hit the send button, I realized my thinking was too simple. But instead of deleting my post (moderator privilege) I left it to take its licks.
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    Hopefully this one has not appeared before... Suppose 27 identical cubical chunks of cheese are piled together to form a cubical stack, as illustrated below. What is the maximum number of these cheese chunks through which a mouse of negligible size could munch before exiting the stack, assuming that the mouse always travels along the grid of 27 straight lines that pass through the centers of the chunks parallel or perpendicular to their sides, always makes a 90 degree turn at the center of each chunk it enters, and never enters any chunk more than once?
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    We're being intruded by migrants secluded Who stowaway past our frontier They're costing us green and will linger unseen Unless I should get into gear Their nature I'll dredge as I perch on a ledge And twisting the truth's my endeavor Exposed to the nation, and next: deportation They thought they'd endure thus forever? I promise the answer has nothing to do with politics
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    Can I be the one to own you Molly? Or be owned by you? Please
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    (BR / BL +UR) UL Thus... (8/4 +2) 3= 12 (2/1 + 6) 4= 32 (9/3 +4) 2= 14 and for the last one.. (6/2 +3) 5 = 30
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    On my phone, I see a link on each post that says "quote". I can sort of copy and paste the roster on phone but as I found out last game, the cursor had an unfortunate habit of moving... Spoilers and colors on phone have to be done with the [ ] codes. Spoiler: {spoiler}your text here{/spoiler} with [ ] instead of { }. No spoiler titles. Colors: {color=red/orange/whatever}text here{/color} also with [ ] instead of { }.
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    @MissKitten Tagging does not work on mobile and quoting is hard on mobile as well. But other than that, on a PC, one can copy-paste colors and not bother with quoting the roster altogether. Which is cool. At least from a host's PoV.
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    UN Mafia III Secret Alliance: Wincon - Last standing China -- The size of the country allowed it to send a replacement for the representative lost in the previous game. Each night chooses a player to target and remove from the game. Action is unstoppable except via save. Will use its electronic interception technologies to find out the identity of the target if target is saved. Once during the game (ODTG) can remove a vote. UN Alliance: Wincon - Last standing. USA -- The size of the nation and its offensive capabilities, demand it acts but not two nights in a row. Chooses to invade (kill) on even or odd nights at the beginning of the game. Must invade on said night, if no target is drawn it is randomly selected (cannot invade self). Germany -- Its economic influence grows steadily which leads to an increase in political influence. Sometimes is forced to save nations in dire need, but would prefer preventing actions. Each night can save a player but there's a 50% chance that this backfires in which case Germany loses its vote the next day. Russia -- Has hundreds of satellites floating in space. Can use one per night to spy an alive nation either to see who targeted it or to see who that nation acted upon. Once during the game (ODTG) Russia can instead get lucky and find out a player's true role. United Kingdom -- Has worldwide influence among its former colonies. Once per night it can blockade a country, but not the same country twice in a row. Blockading stops any day or night action except for ODTG actions and the Secret Alliance's night invasion. Australia -- Has an interesting choice of possibilities due to its cultural diversity. Has 4 agents at its disposal, each can be used once: 1. Add 1 extra secret vote, 2. Remove a vote, 3. Protect (save but cannot be cast on self), 4. Break quarantine (used during the day can make the player quarantined by Sweden able to vote and be voted for). Indy Sweden -- A nation with nothing to contribute to war and naturally inclined to peace. From time to time, may choose to temporarily side with a Faction or the other, in order to protect its own interests. Each night can quarantine a country but not the same twice in a row. Quarantine acts like a trap - saves from kills / invasions and renders the target neutral - unable to vote the next day or be voted for (but can speak). Once during the game (ODTG) can veto out a country (RID Kill) at any point during the day or the night, but will forfeit acting the next night if that happens. Sweden cannot die N1 (NK attempt won't appear in the NP). Wincon: Outlive two secret countries and the Secret Alliance. Stops game if successful. Must be alive at the beginning of the next phase in order for "outlive" to be counted. Secret targets are drawn at the beginning of the game and are known only to Indy. Rules * NP shows invasions (kill), protections (saves) and quarantines (trap). * DP shows lynched players (no hint if the vote was manipped. * Tie: D1 no lynch, D2+ all players in tie are lynched. * OOA: Night invasion (kill) >> Blockade (block) > Quarantine (trap) > Protect (save) > Regular invasion > Spy * Blockade / Quarantine will be told to the players regardless if they had an action that was blocked or not * Regular invasion can be blocked, the SA night invasion cannot be blocked, only saved from * Sweden's ODTG RID veto cannot be blocked or saved from as it happens instantly Players: 1. Thalia 2. bonanova 3. Molly Mae 4. Flamebirde 5. maurice 6. MikeD 7. plasmid Backups: 8. 9. Roles are out, Night 1 ends Monday Feb 20th at 9 PM UTC (About UTC). That means 4 PM EST and 11 PM for me.
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    Hey guys, sorry I'm here. Didn't realize I could talk when I was trapped and then I'm having issues accessing the site on my phone. I'm on through Firefox now and it works better than Chrome I guess. I will catch up at lunch and see what I can contribute, hopefully before the night ends in case I was mercy/mod killed.
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    @Thalia, good points. I've played only a few Mafia games. I wish I had accepted Unreality's invite to play, back in the day, and learned it better. Coupled with a hope for a few more games to follow this one. My comfort zone is math and logic, where all the needed info is provided, just needing insight and clear thought. This is more fun, actually, and with experience I might get better. Or, I'm a very slippery guy and everything I just said is garbage. . When does the night end?
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    Night 1: Once more unto the breach. Once more? ~~~~~ Seven people awoke at the same time to find themselves in a dimly lit room. A round doughnut table with chairs was in the center of the room. Most of them were dressed informally and as they surveyed their surroundings some tried to remember where there were the previous day. Yeah, everybody pretty much wanted an explanation for their presence there. Some had heard rumors of experiments in previous years and some had witnessed them but memories were fickle at best. And most had refused to believe something like this could happen to them (again). As rumors were passed in whispers from one another the chatter increased across the room. A flash and a hooded figure appeared in a mist in the center of the round table, surrounded by a cone of light. "If you can have a seat, I'm sure we can find a way to answer your questions as quick as possible. Some of you might already know where I'm going with this ... but I'm afraid that lessons were not learned, so he we are again.", they heard from the figure. One by one they moved towards the table, eyes cast on the figure. "Sometime ago, after being fed up with your reckless messing with forces beyond your control, I've attempted to ... mend the ends so to speak. While it worked for a little while, the situation has taken a turn for the worse recently and I find myself again unable to stand idly and watch. So hear me out!". "You are playing for your lives and your nations interests as well. Out of this room, you'll find color coded rooms. Don't mind the empty rooms. Inside your room you will each find a safe that only opens with your fingerprints and iris scans. Inside the safe an envelope with instructions. Study them wisely and remember time is scarce. Also, nothing exists outside of these rooms unless I tell you. We’ll adjourn in the morning!" The Hooded Figure disappeared without a sound and the doors squeaked open by themselves. One by one, they retreated to find their quarters. ~~~~~ The Secret Alliance member was watching his target from across the bar. As he watched his target order another round of drinks he sighed. "Yet another Bond". He left the bar twenty seconds after his target and walked towards faking a dizzy step along the way. As Plasmid stopped at his door and glanced over the shoulder, all he saw was someone trying to find balance. Key in door, he heard the blip from the door opening followed by the crush of a body against the floor. "Are you OK buddy?" he asked turning around slowly ... but as his eyes began to take in the sight he felt a tingling in his neck. As his hand tried to reach up towards the place his brain wanted investigated, his own brain played a trick on him. It surely wasn't that big of a ... he fought to finish that thread of thought as he collapsed to the floor, caught by hands that muffled the sound. His body was not to be found till morning. ~~~~~ The Swede had studied all the things the Hooded Figure had provided him with and pondered his odds. He had to be subtle about it, cause no one actually wants peace with both arms open. He went off the corridors and to the fifth room on the corridor. Cautiously he sprayed the content of one of the vials in his toolkit to the doorknobs and heard a small puff as the metal liquified. Maurice won't be joining tomorrow's talks. Except via Skype but that wasn't counting as present nowadays. ~~~~~ Tl;dr version: ~~~~~ Players: 1. Thalia 2. bonanova 3. Molly Mae 4. Flamebirde 5. maurice - quarantined by Sweden 6. MikeD 7. plasmid - Invaded N1 by China Day 1 ends Wednesday Feb 22nd at 9 PM UTC (About UTC). That means 4 PM EST and 11 PM for me.
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    I was thinking more like 7 = 1 baddie vs 5 goodies vs 1 indy, hosted 2 Mafias the same size recently so I'm pretty sure I can balance it in a classical setting. If no one signs up till Friday night, I'll trim it, send out the roles and N1 can end Monday. The individual wincons can't be balanced for a trimmed version unfortunately. Anyone leaving the game would make it lopsided and I don't see enough ideas of individual wincons to make a miracle in-game balance for events. But I guess I can run it again in the future as a redux of the OP if there are more people interested during the summers for example. So, all is not lost. I'd rather have you play since you all showed up and signed up
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    Real life: I bought (very cheep) a 256MB extension card for a 80286. There were 8 dip switches and no manual. I do not know how many times each switch can be flipped, in any case, it is better to minimize the manipulation. Look https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_code
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    I think phaze is right about the most practical answer. If that fails, I tend to agree with bonanova.
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    Example : (2,2) cell (red) is 3, so it is surrounded by 3 unique numbers (1,2 and 3) (4,4) cell (blue) is 4, so it is surrounded by 4 unique numbers (1,2, 3 and 4) The Question 3 . . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . 2 . . . . . . 3 . . Fill in the blanks so the table has the same unique properties. I think I have it:
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    You enter a room with two chests. You know that one chest has a lot of money (but you are unsure as to which). You know the other chest has half as much. Being the greedy person you are you want the most money but the chest are indistinguishable from each other outside of opening and counting the contents. You picked the first chest. Just before you open it, the owner of the chests offers you an opportunity to switch. Should you?
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    Anyone here ever play the board game Balderdash? I was thinking this would make for a fun forum game and there are some similarities to Mafia, methinks. For those who have not played the gist is this. Player A selects a card. That card has an obscure word and the definition. Player A reads aloud the word and then proceeds to write down the definition while all other players write down their own definition. Usually they do not know the definition. This is fine as that is not the goal. Player A shuffles all of the definitions and reads them aloud. Points are scored for guessing the correct definition, other players guessing your definition, actually writing the correct definition, and Player A scores if nobody guesses correctly. The version I have also has Names, Dates, Acronyms and Movie Titles. The subject is chosen by the roll of a die. So here's my thought. We get 6-10 players to sign up, I will serve as a perpetual "Player A" I will roll a die and select a card. Then I will post the "word" and subject matter. Players have 24 hours to pm me their "definitions". After those 24 hours, I will post the "definitions" and players vote on them roster style a la Mafia. You do not score points for voting for your own "definition". Chatter is encouraged. After 24 hours I will announce the correct "definition" and post scores. This will go on until somebody scores 20 points, I'm thinking 2-3 weeks. Scoring is as follows: - Players submitting the correct definition are immediately awarded 3 points - Players are awarded 2 points if they guess the correct definition. - Players are awarded 1 point for each other player who incorrectly chooses the fake definition they submitted. - The Host is awarded three points if no one guesses the correct definition. If there is interest, I would like to start Sunday. I'm thinking I may try to create a game board, but don't hold me to that. I would like players to select a color, however. If you'd like to play place your name next to a color. The rules we will play by are in the spoiler below. Isolating to make signups easier Host - maurice Red - Blue - Green - Purple - Orange - LimeGreen - Turqoise - Brown - HotPink - Gray -
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    ... And if BLURT - 2, both L and T are proven.
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    ZEBRA If 5 then wooty pooty woot
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    I think a word a little less thick with correct letters could score you more points.
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    There are multiple solutions:
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    and a Spoiler for some additional thoughts:
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    just guesing without doing calculation.
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    I finally found a way to make the road system less than 7.5 miles.
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    to life or not to life this code itself is a toast a jewish custom and saying when it is time to boast i would raise my glass in a gathering over roast a wedding or maybe just to avoid becoming a ghost i toast to the counter sign and toast to life but the word has just slipped my mind remind me? hey guys, i need some help for this riddle, since i cant get any out of it.
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    and that led me to this..
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    Well if the mother gussed that the crocodile was going to eat the child and she was wrong, then the crocodile would eat the child ,Therefor the statment would be true and the crocodile would have to give the child back to honor his word.So the mother would get her child back ether way.
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    "You have an OCD of things in even numbers" "No I have not... . . . . No I have not."
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    Also: http://projecteuler.net/problem=55
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    Code: #include <iostream> #define BUF_SIZE 100 using namespace std; void putInArray(int num, int* buf){ for(int i=0;i<BUF_SIZE;i++){ buf[i] = num % 10; num = num / 10; } } bool isPalindrom(int* buf){ int i=0, j=BUF_SIZE-1; while(buf[j]==0 && j>0){ j--; } while(i<j){ if(buf[i] != buf[j]){ return false; } i++; j--; } return true; } void applyIteration(int* buf){ int i=0, j=BUF_SIZE-1; while(buf[j]==0 && j>0){ j--; } while(i<=j){ int temp = buf[i] + buf[j]; buf[i++] = temp; buf[j--] = temp; } for(int i=0;i<BUF_SIZE-1;i++){ buf[i+1] += buf[i] / 10; buf[i] = buf[i] % 10; } } bool isLychrel(int* buf){ for(int i=1;i<50;i++){ applyIteration(buf); if(isPalindrom(buf)){ return false; } } return true; } int main() { int buf[BUF_SIZE]; for(int num=0;num<10000;num++){ putInArray(num,buf); if(isLychrel(buf)){ cout << num << " is Lychrel " << endl; } } }
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    eq ( 1 ) Study = not failed eq. ( 2 ) not study = failed add eq ( 1 ) & ( 2 ) study + not study = fail + not fail study ( 1 + not ) = fail ( 1 + not ) study = fail Then why should we study??
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    Person 1 is left behind there would be no one to kill him
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    What underlies paradoxes of this type is the syntactical rule that a declarative sentence is by its nature an assertion of some particular truth. To use a presumed assertion of truth to deny that same truth is paradoxical: One cannot convey usable knowledge by asserting a denial. Nor can one meaningfully deny a truth: the coin has two paradoxical sides: [1] "I am asserting a falsehood." or "I am lying." [2] "I am not asserting something that is true." or "I am not telling the truth." Putting it another way, it's physically possible to speak the words, "I am lying." But when one undertakes a linear analysis of what has happened when the words are spoken, one is drawn into the syntactical analogy of a Moebius Strip: a piece of paper having a physical connection of its two sides. The circular reasoning forced on the mind by a linear analysis of such statements creates a pleasantly frustrating tease, and the desire for consistency and meaning leaves one in a disturbingly uncomfortable state. Long live paradoxes...
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    How does it work? I guess the lines in front hide the lines behind, showing a slightly different picture each time giving the illusion of movement.
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    Perhaps I'm not understanding the question here. However, it would seem to me the obvious issue and advice here would be to say: "You'll eat the child Mister Crocodile." Remember: this is an ancient beast more known for clamping down and rolling around in muddy pools of water than for it's scholarly dissertations on high energy physics. In the confusion where it doesn't know if it should consume the kid and thus have to return him, unharmed, or fail to and thus be compelled to do so - grab the child and run away. If you are very kind you might leave behind an aluminium crocodile hat/heatsink as the poor guy tries to figure out what just went wrong.
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    But then the integrity of the footbridge would be compromised and nobody could guarantee your safety. Haven't you read Stephen King's "Eye of the Dragon" and the "tension breaking point" theory?
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    This is simple. The aim of the race is for one of the boys and his camel to race to the city and return but the owner of the slowest camel would be declared winner. By switching camels it meant the new intention was to make the others camel travel fast, therefore making your own camel, which the other rides, the slower of the two. as one would win. Make sense?