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    It took me 5 times to do 1 &2 but once i got it, im on a roll!!
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    In an presidential election between Bipa and Viktor, the winning candidate Bipa received n+k votes, whereas Viktor has received n votes. (n and k are positive integers.) If ballots are counted in a random order, what is the probability that Bipa's accumulating count will always lead his opponent's, and why?
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    There is a building with 50 floors. Every morning 100 guest, 2 on each floor, come to use a single elevator. The elevator has a max capacity of 10 users. The elevator begins on the 50th floor and travels down. Once the elevator achieves maximum capacity, the elevator travels only one additional floor. At this floor, everyone on the elevator exits and those waiting (who have not yet ridden in the elevator) get on the elevator, then the elevator continues with only these new riders. Everyone above the 1st floor desires to make it to the first floor while those on the first floor wish to make it to the fiftieth floor. How many additional elevators should this building have (assume all elevators begin on the fiftieth floor)? Provide a quantifiable justification to support your answer (e.g. defend why 2 elevators are better than any other case, or 3, or 4 or...so on.)
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    I'd like to introduce to you a riddle game that is of my creation. It is called The Fortress and it is a thriller combined with extremely hard riddles. The idea is simple, you see a picture and you need to find a keyword (or keyphrase) that is an answer to the riddle. This answer is usually hidden, sometimes encrypted, sometimes clearly visible... But sometimes you need to investigate a little to get it or just to get another hint that will bring you closer to the end. The game is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-fortress/id412637002?mt=8 Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.dbest.thefortress WP: windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/fortress/6c1d2571-6d0d-4786-ae15-293e668805dc I warn you, some of the riddles are quite hard to solve, you'll probably need a few attempts before you'll be able to find the keyword... Some riddles will make you miserable, frustrate and other will make you throw your phone at the wall. Sometimes you'll need a week or two of a break between riddles to get your sanity back;) I invite you all to join our community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheFortressApp where you can get more hints and clues helping you in solving riddles. Game trailer: Good luck!
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