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  1. You are Detective Brian Dennis. To play this game, tell me what to do and I'll tell you what happens when you do so. You live in Climax City, a city surrounded by Ruralia and Washington City. You are the head of police in Climax City. You have a semi-automatic pistol, a police badge, a lie detector, an iPhone and a contact book for phone numbers and addresses. You also have access to medical info/autopsy, police records, and military support, thanks to saving the world from an epidemic. However, to prove that you are Brian Dennis, you must solve a riddle that will be provided by me. You are sitting in your police station when a woman walks in. She introduces herself as Tigrisa Morian. Dialogue: Tigrisa You: Okay, Ms. Morian. How can I help you? Tigrisa: Can we talk somewhere more... private? You: Um.. okay, why not? We'll go in the kitchen. Tigrisa: No. More private. This is... (whispers) confidential. You: Very well. You both go into an alley. Tigrisa: I'm being chased by the Sabertooth. You: The Sabertooth? Tigrisa: It's a local gang. They harbor tigers and train them to attack who they want. You: So these cats are after you? Tigrisa: Well, I kinda stole the machine that they need. You: Okay. Anything else you need for me to know? I can't work off of just that, you know. Tigrisa: Um.. They're part of the Zodiac Gangs. You: What? Tigrisa: The twelve gangs based off of the Chinese Zodiac who roam around Climax City. (you give an empty face) Oh c'mon, you took out one of them. The Phoenix? You: They're a.. Zodiac Gang? Tigrisa: Yeah. They like to keep it quiet, but everyone knows anyway. You: Odd. So who gives all the medicine? Tigrisa: I think the closest to that are the Vipers. They invented the Basilisk. You: I always thought that the Phoenix was too stupid to invent something as deadly as that. Tigrisa: Yeah. The Basilisk also took out a good number of them, so much so that I took them out. You: How? Tigrisa: ...negotiation. You: Somehow, I don't think it's smart to tell this to the head of a police station. Tigrisa: That's besides the point. Two down, ten more to go. You: Right. And the Sabertooths realized. Tigrisa: Yup. So now they're coming after us. They feel they're in danger. You: Now they are. What else do you know about these... Sabertooths? Tigrisa: Well, I used to work for them. I have their address. You: Right. What do you have to contribute? Tigrisa: Pistol, knife and I have a sniper at home. You: Fight crime with crime, huh? Tigrisa: I'm not as uptight as you are. You: I can see that. Let's go.
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