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    In our circles you may find A laugh, a wink, a grin But pressure us we'll likely snap And send away our kin. We don't do much, we go to pot Such simple ones are we But with your hand we take command Or from you we will flee.
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    Agree. When I hit the send button, I realized my thinking was too simple. But instead of deleting my post (moderator privilege) I left it to take its licks.
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    Say we want to simulate an N sided die.
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    (This puzzle is from a blog called By Way Of Contradiction.) Imagine you have a circular cake, that is frosted on the top. You cut a d degree slice out of it, and then put it back, but rotated so that it is upside down. Now, d degrees of the cake have frosting on the bottom, while 360 minus d degrees have frosting on the top. Rotate the cake d degrees, take the next slice, and put it upside down. Now, assuming the d is less than 180, 2d degrees of the cake will have frosting on the bottom. If d is 60 degrees, then after you repeat this procedure, flipping a single slice and rotating 6 times, all the frosting will be on the bottom. If you repeat the procedure 12 times, all of the frosting will be back on the top of the cake. For what values of d does the cake eventually get back to having all the frosting on the top?
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    I swear: 1) To strangle the next person who uses 'suicide' as a verb. 2) That if I offended or hurt you in any way, I didn't mean it. 3) That I'll stop procrastinating. Tomorrow. Add whatever you swear.
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    Personally, the original reason I believed in God is that an adult told me he existed when I was little and, being little, I took their word. But over time, I've listened to people talk about their experiences with God and seen it with others. I think I've seen Him get me through a lot of stuff the past few years that I don't think I'd have been able to make it through alone. You could say that I got through them because I worked hard, or just because believing in a higher power has some effect psychologically, or that there were coincidences involved, but when I put it all together, those reasons just don't work for me. But if I had to give just one reason that I believe God is real, it would be that He told me so. Audibly.
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    eq ( 1 ) Study = not failed eq. ( 2 ) not study = failed add eq ( 1 ) & ( 2 ) study + not study = fail + not fail study ( 1 + not ) = fail ( 1 + not ) study = fail Then why should we study??
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    this one is pretty cute! Blonde v.s. Lawyer a lawyer sitting on a plane next to a Blonde want to pass some time and turns to her and says, "how about a trivia game, if i ask you a question and you get it right I'll pay you 10 dollars, and if you get it wrong you pay me 1 dollar. then you ask me a question, with the same conditions." blonde says, "no thanks, I'm reading a book." the lawyer says, "okay how about this, 20 dollars for getting right for you, and 20 dollars for getting wrong for me." the blonde rolls her eyes and says fine. the lawyer asks, "whats the distance from the earth to the sun?" the blonde hands him a dollar. then the blonde asks him, "what goes uphill with 3 legs and down hill with 4?" the lawyer blinks for a second and says " i have no idea, i guess you win that round." then hands her 20. "okay my turn again, i am curious, what does go up hill with three legs and down hill with 4?" the blonde hands him another dollar.
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    What happens in quantum statistical thermodynamics stays in quantum statistical thermodynamics...b/c no one else cares.
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    Out of the frying pan and on to the floor. Back into the frying pan, let hope none of the guests saw.
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    I would think that the only way to make ANY sense of the situation is for the woman to repeat back to the croc EXACTLY what he said to HER: "If I guess right, you'll give my baby back, if I dont, you'll eat him. That's what you'll do to him." He'd have to return the baby, because she's CORRECT NO MATTER WHAT. Eh? hehehe
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    I'll accept it but I was thinking more like ....
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    EDIT: For clarity, I use "number" to reference an individual digit. I use "sequence" to reference the string of numbers. EDIT2: Added spoiler tag.
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    Fuzzy thoughts:
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    Hey guys, sorry I'm here. Didn't realize I could talk when I was trapped and then I'm having issues accessing the site on my phone. I'm on through Firefox now and it works better than Chrome I guess. I will catch up at lunch and see what I can contribute, hopefully before the night ends in case I was mercy/mod killed.
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    Night 1: Once more unto the breach. Once more? ~~~~~ Seven people awoke at the same time to find themselves in a dimly lit room. A round doughnut table with chairs was in the center of the room. Most of them were dressed informally and as they surveyed their surroundings some tried to remember where there were the previous day. Yeah, everybody pretty much wanted an explanation for their presence there. Some had heard rumors of experiments in previous years and some had witnessed them but memories were fickle at best. And most had refused to believe something like this could happen to them (again). As rumors were passed in whispers from one another the chatter increased across the room. A flash and a hooded figure appeared in a mist in the center of the round table, surrounded by a cone of light. "If you can have a seat, I'm sure we can find a way to answer your questions as quick as possible. Some of you might already know where I'm going with this ... but I'm afraid that lessons were not learned, so he we are again.", they heard from the figure. One by one they moved towards the table, eyes cast on the figure. "Sometime ago, after being fed up with your reckless messing with forces beyond your control, I've attempted to ... mend the ends so to speak. While it worked for a little while, the situation has taken a turn for the worse recently and I find myself again unable to stand idly and watch. So hear me out!". "You are playing for your lives and your nations interests as well. Out of this room, you'll find color coded rooms. Don't mind the empty rooms. Inside your room you will each find a safe that only opens with your fingerprints and iris scans. Inside the safe an envelope with instructions. Study them wisely and remember time is scarce. Also, nothing exists outside of these rooms unless I tell you. We’ll adjourn in the morning!" The Hooded Figure disappeared without a sound and the doors squeaked open by themselves. One by one, they retreated to find their quarters. ~~~~~ The Secret Alliance member was watching his target from across the bar. As he watched his target order another round of drinks he sighed. "Yet another Bond". He left the bar twenty seconds after his target and walked towards faking a dizzy step along the way. As Plasmid stopped at his door and glanced over the shoulder, all he saw was someone trying to find balance. Key in door, he heard the blip from the door opening followed by the crush of a body against the floor. "Are you OK buddy?" he asked turning around slowly ... but as his eyes began to take in the sight he felt a tingling in his neck. As his hand tried to reach up towards the place his brain wanted investigated, his own brain played a trick on him. It surely wasn't that big of a ... he fought to finish that thread of thought as he collapsed to the floor, caught by hands that muffled the sound. His body was not to be found till morning. ~~~~~ The Swede had studied all the things the Hooded Figure had provided him with and pondered his odds. He had to be subtle about it, cause no one actually wants peace with both arms open. He went off the corridors and to the fifth room on the corridor. Cautiously he sprayed the content of one of the vials in his toolkit to the doorknobs and heard a small puff as the metal liquified. Maurice won't be joining tomorrow's talks. Except via Skype but that wasn't counting as present nowadays. ~~~~~ Tl;dr version: ~~~~~ Players: 1. Thalia 2. bonanova 3. Molly Mae 4. Flamebirde 5. maurice - quarantined by Sweden 6. MikeD 7. plasmid - Invaded N1 by China Day 1 ends Wednesday Feb 22nd at 9 PM UTC (About UTC). That means 4 PM EST and 11 PM for me.
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    If a lion and his tamer can run at precisely the same speed without tiring, would the tamer be safe inside the lion's circular cage? Assume the lion sits on a stool at the center of the cage as the tamer enters though a door on the perimeter of the cage. You can also neglect the size of their bodies. i.e. consider the lion and tamer as points.
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    Hi Jelly, and welcome to the Den. I searched on the Web a bit, and did not find puzzles of this type, but they may be out there. If anyone does find them, a link can be posted to this Forum: http://brainden.com/forum/forum/9-other-mind-boggling-stuff-on-web/
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    A different kind of canine Middle Eastern Dairy Product
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    Well if the mother gussed that the crocodile was going to eat the child and she was wrong, then the crocodile would eat the child ,Therefor the statment would be true and the crocodile would have to give the child back to honor his word.So the mother would get her child back ether way.
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    yeah I believe it is actually 6/pi2.
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    I agree gavinksong. Sorry for not committing before. Initially I found your solution to be merely an alternative to the original. But after consideration, I think yours is better. I have switch to gavinksong's solution as it appears to be more robust. I am open to arguments for/against either TSLF or Gavin's or another better option if anyone has interest.
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    To celebrate the Grand Opening of his new casino, k-man offered the first 1000 patrons the opportunity to win some pocket change by playing a game that carried the catchy phrase Flip while you're a-Head. Each patron paid $100 to flip a coin multiple times, winning $100 for every H (heads) that appeared, and stopping (without penalty) at the first appearnace of a T (tails.) What was k-man's expected cost for this gesture of good will? A coveted bonanova gold star for an answer from the The Book.
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    Given 50 segments on the line. Prove that one of the following statements is valid: 1. Some 8 segments have a common point. 2. Some 8 segments do not intersect each other.
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    Using the interpretation of "crossing" as "having a common point with"...
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    Three interstellar stations have observed a distant cluster of gas clouds known as RGB-9. The stations are positioned at right angle with each other. The photograph images captured by X,Y, & Z telescopes at the same instant are having exactly the same configurations (see below). Some of the gas clouds that are behind the other cloud emits a mixed spectrum.. How shall they construct the 3-D plot of the cluster?
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    Edit: This assumes that the legs of the stool form a square. Determining whether it applies if the legs are in any other orientation is left as an exercise for the reader.
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    A ray of light encounters a pair of angled mirrors from the left, as shown, a distance d from one mirror and at an angle a from the other mirror. If angle a is exactly 22.5o, how close will the ray get to their intersection at point O before it eventually exits again to the left? The drawing may not be to scale.
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    Here's a variation on a previous puzzle that let you make multiple bets while choosing the color of the next card. I shuffle an ordinary deck of playing cards and then turn over the top card sequentially so that you can see it. At any time you may ask me to stop and place a $1 bet that the next card to be exposed will be red. If you never ask me to stop, you will automatically bet on the last card. To summarize: You can bet on only one card. You don't get to choose the color. You must bet the card will be red. What is your best strategy? How much better than even can you do?
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    not describable by other words, because if you just used an adjetive technically you DESCRIBED it, so......???? go look up 'indescribable' in the dictionary. it says adjective: not able to be described. look up adjective: a word that describes"
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    A group of four people has to cross a bridge. It is dark, and they have to light the path with a flashlight. No more than two people can cross the bridge simultaneously, and the group has only one flashlight. It takes different time for the people in the group to cross the bridge: Annie crosses the bridge in 1 minute, Bob crosses the bridge in 2 minutes, Caren crosses the bridge in 5 minutes, Dorothy crosses the bridge in 10 minutes. How can the group cross the bridge in 17 minutes?
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    Turn about is about to turn.
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    You can shoot the gun, but...add the bullets, first... ...noobs...
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    What if inhabitant 519 had a split end that broke off? Would that be exactly one hair or a partial hair?
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    Actually, I got a totally different answer - and please tell me if I'm wrong: For the money exchanged: The true bill was $25 and the bellboy gave each of the three guests a $1 back. Now, the total exchanged is $28. And the bellboy has $2. That equals the $30. For the intangible part: You can't figure in that each guest paid exactly $9 for the room because the room bill was $25 which can't be divided between 3 people evenly. Each person would have paid exactly $8.33333333333333 each. Take the $8 x's 3 people = $24 Plus $3 they were given back = $3 .33333333333333 x's 3 people = $1 <--- the missing dollar and the bellboy has $2 Total = $30 - Hope I did this right
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