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    Who's Sakura Chan? The only person to ever give me a reason to swear at anyone for being extremely egoistic and a big jerk-face with everyone...
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    Your wish is granted...and now wasted. Enjoy! I wish that you (the genie) will not corrupt my, or anyone else's wish. (Now at least others can get their wishes)
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    It wasn't me, but I do down rep for spammers, rule-breakers, and Sakura Chan. You don't seem to be any of those three.
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    I remember when we could easily get 19 players for a game Also, is Molly even still watching this thread? I would have probably given up by now lol
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    Really, world? You're really just going to let this one die slowly, languishing in obscurity? It's been almost two years. Come on!
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    Granted... your body parts are now organized alphabetically from top to bottom instead of in the order that developed naturally through millions of years of evolution. I with I didn't have a lithp.
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