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    I never realized that BD is a sunglassed smiley face.
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    However you like? Alrighty then. Are you familiar with Neil Gaiman? A Dream of a Thousand Cats in The Sandman Volume Three, Dream Country. A mother cats suffering the loss of her kittens due to her owners because the father wasn't a pure-breed goes on a quest for understanding. She finally meets Dream in cat form and he tells her that once humans were tiny creatures no larger than cats are now. Their role was to serve the cats and when the moon was full to serve as prey. Then there came a human that had an inspiration that it was dreams that shape the world. That dreams recreate the world every night. He told any human he met to not dream the world as it is but to dream of a new world where humans were masters. Finally enough humans dreamed of this new world and the next day it changed. She began telling other cats this and encouraged them to start dreaming things back to the way it was. And this is why I tend to poke my cat when he is asleep by the computer.
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