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    'It seems to me, the warnings clear From this subject, we should veer'
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    Ok, here is a long shot, done at work with a lot of browser tabs open, topic searches and two sheets of paper. Haven't gone over it all again once it was filled out, i probably should tho [spoiler=rolling my dice ] Starting on the top position and going clockwise, since the text here will be all batched up again: ANNABEL/Sapphire/vision(doubt), ESPER/crimson (app)/hope, FAUSTUS/ruby/transmutaion, THALASSA/crimson/secrets, EDOGAWA/monochrome/ciphers, MIMULUS/agate/joy, HERMETICUS/gray/sighs, ALICE/amber/connections, EPSILON/opal/masks, SHIN/opal app/promises, HOMUNCULUS/ochre/curiosity
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    For once, in caution, I agree Curse my curiosity.
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    It is, unless you can show a dissection with fewer.
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    (I will post something more substantive later, after work, but...) The Golden Truth is not the truth it seems - A trickster's bright fa├žade, a cloak for lies. The Golden City is a ghost of dreams; Seek not the lost, nor trouble them to rise. - The Witch of Secrets
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    What Molly Mae said We're generally waiting for the WoS to continue, "show us the epigraph" (in "" cause i have no idea what to expect )... and we're finding stuff to do along the way
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    I have yet to know any decent seaman anchor a ship without allowing for tide...
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    This rather depends on the tension on the Anchor, If the Ship is Anchored with no slack then it can not rise with the tide, and in this instance it would take 10 hours and 40 minutes to reach the 8 rung (third from the top). Only if there is enough slack to allow a full 180cm rise in the tide could you answer be correct.
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    Given that an anchor prevents a ship from moving by dragging through the mud, and not by physically attaching the ship to the bottom of the harbor; And given that most ships have no problem floating with their anchor(s) on deck; I propose that the ship would simply rise with the tide pulling the anchor off the bottom of the harbor when the slack runs out. So it doesn't really matter if there is slack in the anchor chain or not.
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    NEVER...the boat wouldn't have an anchor heavy enough to hold it in place with the raising tide or the boat wouldn't be able to float with the anchor up...
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    I agree with the answer as given. However, since the boat is in port, it could be empty at the time the bottom tave is touching the water, which would make a certain amount of sense. As the ship is loaded, it could sink down to the point that the third tave from the top is touching the water. Of course, there is not enough information given to properly answer the question more precisely that saying "when it is loaded".
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