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    Hi there, this is rookie1ja, admin of BrainDen Brain Teasers Forums. Note that the forums were not available since January 2012 up till now (April 27) due to severe physical disk damage. Since then I was trying to retrieve as much info as possible. Hosting provider, external data recovery firm and forum helpdesk were all trying to help, however, the process was long and only small steps were being made. After months of chasing, refusing insufficient data, insisting on giving it second/third and many other tries we have started to get more and more. To cut the long story short, external data recovery firm (and hosting provider) got more data out of the disk after I did not accept what they delivered the first time and forum helpdesk were real magicians to get that minimum to work somehow. Good News: The forum is more or less working. Bad News: Not all could have been rescued. You may notice several issues: 1. all forum titles are lost (fortunately posts in them should be OK) 2. all threads are in single forum section "New Logic/Math Puzzles" 3. all members who have not posted might be lost 4. all other members are probably existing but their email is lost and there might be issues with log in Old members that would like to continue with their old username, pls send me (admin@brainden.com) the following data and I will manually restore your old account. 1. username 2. password 3. email What to do next? 1. There are many more issues and you can report them along with your comments/suggestions in this thread. 2. If you could notify other former members, we could slowly start to rebuild the community. Thanks a lot for your patience and I hope we can make the site work again. -rookie1ja
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    Anyone aware of a new thread yet?? Am missing this rather a lot!!
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    Agreed. One up this if you are a veteran of the great Brainden Blackout!
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