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  1. Yesterday
  2. Baggage on a conveyor belt

    Ok I tried using random numbers, got a fraction...
  3. Pairing the points

    Nice. A construction is certainly a proof of existence. A pairing without intersects exists and ... here it is! Now I wonder if for any groups of n blue and n red points there is only one pairing without crossings?
  4. Last week
  5. Pairing the points

    Probably not what you have in mind, but I realized part of my previous answer was superfluous so this is a little more elegant and gets rid of some hand waving.
  6. What Question Must Be Asked?

    Proof of my claim...
  7. What Question Must Be Asked?

    Better still...
  8. What Question Must Be Asked?

    Assuming we need to find the number in each cell, here’s a variant that will give the others a bit more information: “is the total either 9 or 21?” this shows the others that Kleene has 4, 5, or 6. I don’t see that that’s enough yet. But maybe y’all do.
  9. When midnight strikes

    Thanks Thundercloud, that makes sense. Ok I’m on board with two empty boxes.
  10. When midnight strikes

    Is Confucious still alive and well?
  11. When midnight strikes

    Ok I believe Al is empty...
  12. When midnight strikes

    But...but...but, the OP points out that after N events, there will be N coins in the boxes! I always found infinity confusing, but how will they become empty?
  13. Baggage on a conveyor belt

    One approach is to Then it would be helpful to know that the result is
  14. Traffic jams

    plainglazed suggests an analysis amenable to powers of 2. I'll amend the OP to make it 1024 cars instead of 100 cars.
  15. When midnight strikes

    Actually, two of the boxes will be empty.
  16. What Question Must Be Asked?

    Do we all agree on what the task really is? is it (1) ensure someone can correctly state the total number of coins —seems like that is solved by Molly Mae, OR (2) ensure someone can correctly identify the number of coins in each cell?
  17. Cubicle Stack #2

    That "19" was a typo, sorry! Latest included ...
  18. Traffic jams

    okay, not too proud to start this off with some probably way simplistic maths:
  19. Cubicle Stack #2

    Well, there goes your curve estimation. I don't remember the situation but there were certain combinations that I could calculate with some multiplication. I think one of them was a CE combination. But of course the other combinations didn't feel like cooperating. I'll try to work on this over the weekend. Agree on your pink combinations except for XMEE. Should be the same count as EEM, right?
  20. When midnight strikes

    @Pickett Interesting result. OP meant for the coins to have equal value, but yours is a great puzzle also, even for finite numbers of coins received. @rocdocmac and @Pickett When midnight has struck an infinite number of events will have transpired and the process will have stopped. Will any of the three be happier than the others?
  21. When midnight strikes

    Kicking of again, if I understand correctly ...
  22. Physics fun

    Not Rats
  23. Cubicle Stack #2

    ... and above 800 ...
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