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  2. Another derailed train of thought:
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  4. I have in mind a number which, when you remove the units digit and place it at the front, gives the same result as multiplying the original number by 2. Am I telling the truth?
  5. I called the original OP an interjection sequence since the word "eish" (pronounced "aysh") incidentally appears in the sequence. It has nothing to do with the solution, however! You can google its meaning.
  6. steel

    What Am I?

    electricity double letters
  7. Well done @Wilson! @Thalia apologies that checking @Wilson's answer inadvertantly unchecked your solution. A shortcoming of the site. But both posts have their upvotesl
  8. Ooh! Even better than Rocdocmac’s brass!
  9. I must admit I am also incredibly lost...
  10. Last week
  11. zTorest

    Plane crash

    Survivors can't be buried if they did not die henceforth they did not die, which means they will not be buried.
  12. Attorney General Barr was seen in Washington yesterday wearing a custom made cap with the initials M.A.G.A. For his cap they meant Make Allegations Go Away.
  13. I'll accept it but I was thinking more like ....
  14. Related...........well maybe
  15. Ask the first man "if he is a man." If the answer is no then he is a liar. If the answer is yes he’s either a truth teller or Mister random so you ask the 2nd man "are you a man?" If the answer is no he is the liar. If the answer is yes then the 3rd man is the liar. Now that you know who the liar is you ask the liar while pointing to one of the other 2 men "is this man the truth teller?" If he says yes then that man is Mister random. However if the answer is no then that man is the truth teller.
  16. With a tip of the hat to @BMAD for his interesting puzzle. For your amusement, here's an interesting spin on this genre: One night you encounter a two-hour traffic delay due to an accident (the tow truck had difficulty clearing the road.) So, for a time interval 13 of two hours you were constrained to travel at 0 mph. You called home and said, sorry dear, but I'll be two hours late getting home. The next night, for some unimaginable reason, you were also constrained to travel part of the way at 0 mph, this time for a distance of one inch. What do you say now when you call home?
  17. I'll answer both in the clear. No. (although the words I have in mind, one plural, one singular, are closely related) No. It's the literal removal of an "s". Kudos. But not the words I had in mind. They are common words, and they are closely related.
  18. @Jaspreet Singh greetings and welcome to the Den. 2007 really? Twelve years ago? This puzzle is a time capsule.
  19. The solutions are Because Cute.
  20. Shouldn't the last entry (for C out) read 114-118?
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