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  4. Hope ya'll haven't given up : ) See edit
  5. My cat is amazing BHB Hints: Answer:
  6. C'mon now, they're in The Bible.......but accepted not part of this scripture. :-)
  7. Don't know what that is (those are), so no, not it.
  8. Maybe I see you this time.....
  9. Earlier
  10. If you were to sit in a fountain of youth, would you get wrinkly because that's what happens when you sit in water for a certain amount of time?
  11. Upon closer inspection...another interpretation ...
  12. CaptainEd has the best answer so far and asked to see my solution so I'll go ahead and PM it, but will leave this open in case anyone else drops in and wants to take a crack.
  13. oops error! My point #3 is too close to #1. Back in a bit...
  14. Well maybe.....True Love's Kiss?
  15. OK, plasmid, I've squeezed them around a bit, and I'm down to 5 extra crumbs.
  16. I’ll try a little longer, it’s a useful tool for testing out alternatives. I’m impressed with your 5 extras!
  17. Putting coordinates into a spreadsheet and calculating distances sure is a good way of checking your work; now I wish I had thought of doing that! I believe I have a way of doing it with five breadcrumbs aside from the five vertices. Up to you if you'd like to look at it a little longer or if I should go ahead and convert my chicken scratch to an intelligible post when I get a chance.
  18. Excluding straight lines, impossible triangles and non-isosceles triangles, the distribution of all isosceles triangles is as follows ...
  19. Locations, as promised, for pentagon, in the columns labelled x and y.
  20. Hi Liani. No, not a bear. If you wish, you can put your answer in a spoiler box so others will not see. It's the eye icon--top left. Thalia guessed this one, but you're welcome to keep trying. Welcome to Brainden.
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