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  3. Ask the first man "if he is a man." If the answer is no then he is a liar. If the answer is yes he’s either a truth teller or Mister random so you ask the 2nd man "are you a man?" If the answer is no he is the liar. If the answer is yes then the 3rd man is the liar. Now that you know who the liar is you ask the liar while pointing to one of the other 2 men "is this man the truth teller?" If he says yes then that man is Mister random. However if the answer is no then that man is the truth teller.
  4. With a tip of the hat to @BMAD for his interesting puzzle. For your amusement, here's an interesting spin on this genre: One night you encounter a two-hour traffic delay due to an accident (the tow truck had difficulty clearing the road.) So, for a time interval 13 of two hours you were constrained to travel at 0 mph. You called home and said, sorry dear, but I'll be two hours late getting home. The next night, for some unimaginable reason, you were also constrained to travel part of the way at 0 mph, this time for a distance of one inch. What do you say now when you call home?
  5. I'll answer both in the clear. No. (although the words I have in mind, one plural, one singular, are closely related) No. It's the literal removal of an "s". Kudos. But not the words I had in mind. They are common words, and they are closely related.
  6. @Jaspreet Singh greetings and welcome to the Den. 2007 really? Twelve years ago? This puzzle is a time capsule.
  7. The solutions are Because Cute.
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  9. Shouldn't the last entry (for C out) read 114-118?
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  11. We will start by eliminating the position where Spy can be. There are two lines of thoughts we can go for. For simplification, take Truth-teller to be ‘T’, Liar to be ‘L’ and Spy to be ‘S’. Now lets assume, they are standing in a line in front of me as #1,#2,#3. Q1.) Ask #1: Consider the one in the other two who do not answer randomly. If I were to ask him if #2 is Spy, would he answer ‘yes’? Now, if the answer is ‘Yes’ then there are four possibilities: STL, SLT, TLS, LTS Q2.) Ask #2 if he’s the Spy? If he says “Yes” then #2 is Liar( Two possibilities: SLT, TLS). If he says “No” then #2 is Truth-Teller (Two possibilities: STL, LTS) Q3.) Ask #2 if #1 is Spy? Its answer will eliminate one possibility in both the questions. If the answer to Q1 is “No”, then there are four possibilities: TSL, LST, SLT, STL. Now #3 is not the spy. Hence ask #3 the Q2. If he says “yes” he is a Liar (TSL, STL), If he says “no” he is Truth-teller(LST, SLT). Now, ask #3 the Q3. It will eliminate one possibility in each case. Hence, I got to know each and every one by asking 3 questions only. Thanks:) Nice question:)
  12. This is a great question because the clue lies in the wording of the riddle and it is such fun to read through all the suggestions and see how easy it is to misread or misunderstand, in one way or another, the words. Firstly, the original scene layout has been edited and we are pointed to understand that the instruction to "guess" is intended to mean "guess correctly". Lots of people have ignored that specific instruction and suggested that the mother only needs to make any guess. We also have to make the assumption that in this imaginary scenario, the players in the scene are bound by the stated rules of the game and are not free to lie, cheat, trick or revert to behaviours typical of real mothers or real crocodiles. ANd also that everything stated, is there for a reason. We are told that the crocodile is slim - which could mean he will be very hungry and eager to eat the child; or it could mean that he values other things above eating; or it could simply be there to be a red herring. We have also been told that the crocodile is a solipsist, and so it is fair to assume that, being so, the crocodile will also be bound by the unspoken rules of his own solipsism. What does solipsism actually mean? - its a belief that the only certain thing in the world is one's own mind and that anything outside of our own mind cannot be proved to be real or exist. This is a clue to tricking the crocodile because he is limited by his solipsism while the mother is not, and this will be her advantage . However, I think many people have somehow misread or misunderstood the crocodile to be a philosophist, not a solipsist. .... . So, let the game commence. 4 things have to take place, in correct sequence:1. the mother makes a guess 2. after hearing the guess, the crocodile then does something WITH THE CHILD, as stated (ie not alone,or independently of it) 3. what the crocodile has done with the child now reveals whether her guess was correct or not, and 4. as a result of her correct or incorrect guess, the crocodile then returns or eats the child. So all the guesses that "he will eat the child" or "he will return the child" are wrong because he cannot return the child after he has eaten it, so he will not return it, so the guess is wrong; and equally he cannot return the child a second time after he has already returned it a first time, so that guess is wrong too. Suggestions like "you will wait to hear my guess" or "you will open your mouth to eat the child" are wrong also because those are not things done WITH THE CHILD. So my suggestion is that she will say "You will question whether my child exists" which will fulfill the criteria of being a solipsist, and of doing something WITH the child. So the fun of the riddle is that we are misdirected into thinking about how to save the child, instead of thinking about the meaning of solipsism. And now we understand why the crocodile is slim, because he never eats anything because he cannot be sure any external thing he catches actually exists. However, there is a riddle within the riddle, because in solving it, we are then reminded of our own solispsism. Because nobody told the mother that the crocodile was a solipsist. We assume she knows because we know, demonstrating that we consider all of the riddle to be part of our own mind instead of something external to it.
  13. Left side Right side 1-5 A1 in 6-10 B1 in 6-35 A1 toast 11-40 B1 toast 36-38 A flip 41-45 B out 39-68 A2 toast 46-50 C in 69-74 A out 51-80 C1 Toast 75-79 B2 in 81-83 C flip 80-109 B2 toast 84-113 C2 toast 110-114 B out 114-116 C out Manual operations must not overlap.
  14. "If you guess correctly, what I will do with him, I will return him. However, if you don't correctly guess his fate I'll eat him." There are 2 possible answers: 1. The mother could say "You will open your mouth in front of the child". To eat the child, the crocodile must open his mouth, thus fulfilling the fate. Of course this doesn't mean he couldn't kill the child right then and not eat him. 2. The mother could say "The ultimate fate of my child is that he will eventually die". This is an absolute truth that the crocodile cannot dispute and must return the child, though again he could drown the child and not eat him. It would be better if "I will return him unharmed" was added to the parable.
  15. I was counting whole sausages as "pieces". So it was the sum.
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