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  2. Protecting Airplanes

    What kind of planes are examined? And what kind of planes are not in the sample? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Wald
  3. Westworld Mafia

    whoops, legitimately forgot about this topic, sorry guys.
  4. Westworld Mafia

    I didn't say anything because then I thought about the save's 50/50 to lose their vote the next day. When I went for the tie originally, I thought it would be a sure fire way to gain an advantage, but after the lynch I was left wondering about other possible vote manips. For the record, you had me fooled -- I figured Plasmid had to be a baddie considering everyone else had claimed, but then he claimed too and I saw the logic in his plan. I think Dolores may have been too powerful in the end. Having 2 different vote manips and a lynch save, on top of a kill and a save -- that rendered the baddie's vote manip practically useless in the endgame when roles were revealed. The "once per game" aspect of the actions never mattered because 1. I didn't use anything N1 and 2. The game was 2 nights long. The only way to neuter the role would be to block, which no sane person would do as discussed earlier (no one would use the block ability N1 for this exact reason: you might hit Dolores). But this may all be because of an inactive Indy: that was the only force opposing the goodies that could effectively counter a known Dolores (RID kill, and the block+save to a lesser extent).
  5. Westworld Mafia

    Both roles would appear. As in "Dolores and Hector removed X"
  6. Westworld Mafia

    from my pov, I could either use the manip then or wait and maybe not have another chance to use it. So I used it. I disagreed that the baddie would not use it.
  7. Determining an ellipse given a foci

    My thoughts exactly... except is it possible with four points?
  8. Westworld Mafia

    It hurts to know that Flamebirde was not on board. Just in this case here, if he had saved me instead, nobody would have died. Even if Nana had chosen somebody else to kill, it would have been 3v1, and I would have called her out, and it would have been possible to lynch/kill both of us on the following days/nights (bona can block the remaining suspect N3 if flamebirde is dead). Either way, plasmid's method was foolproof since the worst case ends in a tie. It would have been 100% foolproof if we had asked Flamebirde if he had used his vote manip in D1. It's weird how nobody thought to ask. @araver random question: how does it appear on the NP when someone's been targeted for a kill by multiple roles? (^i can't figure out how to change font color on mobile) That is what you said when you originally suggested it, and I'm sure everyone agreed with the logic of it (even Nana). As planned, you must have immediately known that the baddie's ODTG vote manip was gone... which is what makes it even stranger that you didn't speak up. Deeply ingrained Mafia reflexes/paranoia, I suppose?
  9. Westworld Mafia

    @gavinksong @plasmid To clarify what I meant. Before the change / cooperation actions read like this: That would have left Flame, Nana and Bonanova alive in Day 2. Flame couldn't verify Bona's claim just by reading the NP. Granted, he would know Dolores didn't block plasmid, but he could think plasmid lied about being Hector. After all, Aura could have been Hector. When Bona blocked Plasmid, but he was killed, he could also deduce, but not be 100% sure that plasmid was Hector (what he claimed). I do agree goodies could have *still* won this, just saying it wasn't as clear as advertised. Because assuming goodies tell the truth and trust or cooperate fully in a Mafia game ... is a dangerous assumption to say the least
  10. Westworld Mafia

    That was pretty unusual for a mafia... it's rare that at endgame the players can openly conspire to secure a win, and even rarer that everyone actually gets their act together and actually cooperates with such a plan *cough sparrowhawk cough*. Most of the time there are maybe one or two pretty cleared players but the rest comes down to how you read everyone else's play, and such open planning can usually be countered. But life is tough for baddies when the RID kill is known to be gone. Thanks for hosting, araver.
  11. Westworld Mafia

    Congrats Plas and gg all.
  12. Westworld Mafia

    Actually, reading that made me realize we definitely could have known if we had just asked Flamebirde - unless he was the baddie which still would have been fine. So actually, a lot of plans would have worked - if we had known that. Also, slowly starting to realize that, contrary to what Nana said, plasmid was always able to clear himself if bona didn't block him since Hector's role would appear next to his kill, which means my original plan could have been a lot simpler. Anyways, it was fun! Thank you. Man, the end of D1 was a big twist for me. I had Flamebirde pegged as Dolores, Nana as the baddie, and bona as indy - and I couldn't help but think that Aura 2.0 was definitely not indy because of the thing. So basically, I wasn't even expecting a vote manip. I'm glad it happened though, not because it gave the goodies an advantage, but just because it was kind of cool. It wouldn't be Westworld themed without a few twists.
  13. Westworld Mafia

    Thanks to araver for the game. With a full (original) compliment of players the game would have unfolded very differently, even with a lucky lynch.
  14. Westworld Mafia

    this was one of the situations I had wanted when I went for the tie. Sure, it let the baddie control the lynch, but if he used his vote manip there then in the endgame he would lose since I had both still hidden up my sleeve (of course, that all depended on whether or not I lived). The other option was that the tie went through and no one died, leading to more time for the goodies to figure out the game. That was a good play by Plasmid at the end; it clearly worked out. Congrats to him and to all the goodies! Also, rip Aura who died twice in two consecutive phases
  15. Westworld Mafia

    Host's summary: Even though this game was marked by inactivity in its first phases, it was a delight in the last part.The Indy being inactive removed some of the balance in the roles, however what kept goodies on their toes was the hidden ODTG RID Kill. Once Nana removed the Indy via lynch ... the balance tilted towards the goodies. After observing the past 5-6 games of this size, I think that much of the balance in this small 5vs1vs1 setting comes from the cat-and-mouse game between the Indy and the Baddie. If one component is missing or cross-fires and the information gets out, goodies have time to formulate a plan and tilt the balance. However, this is all part of the fun of the game - actions and words have consequences. After removing the Indy RID threat goodies openly and collaboratively proposed and corrected plans for the end-game. That was a dream ending for the host (obviously not for the non-goodies). MVP goes to plasmid for fixing the final plan as well as selecting the right night to act, but kudos to all the goodies that made the plan happen. At the time plasmid proposed it, the situation was different for the goodies, with the baddie not being taken out during the night and not blocked (and goodies couldn't have known the baddie had already spent the ODTG vote manipulation).
  16. Westworld Mafia

    Night 2: "Latest, but not Last Update" Dr. Ford had one more update planned and managed to skip the QA team by acting at night. As he carefully adjusted the final touches, he began smiling to himself. An old tune came into his mind and he began humming it as he changed the last lines of code and uploaded it. As soon as it was deployed to the hosts, the update permanently turned plasmid offline. Close to midnight Hector bumped into Bonanova while making his scheduled entrance to the saloon. And since temper was never programmed into his persona, he quickly gave Bonanova a bad case of lead poisoining. Bona stumbled back into the saloon and fell on a nearby table that crumbled under him. He stared at the strange arrangement of lamps hanging far above him, trying to take a pattern in. A smile crept slowly as the pattern emerged in his mind. Meanwhile back on the street, Dolores mustered her courage and grabbed a pistol out of her bag. She marched slowly towards Nana who was speaking with some strangers near the bank. She didn't even give her a chance to turn around before shooting point blank. tl;dr version: * Hector removed Bonanova * Dolores removed Nana * Dr. Ford shutdown plasmid Host: araver 1. Gavinksong 2. Flamebirde 3. Nana77 - Killed N2 by Dolores 4. plasmid - Killed N2 by Dr. Robert Ford 6. bonanova - Killed N2 by Hector 5. Aura 2.0 (phil1882) - Lynched D1 as Man in Black 7. aura - Killed N1 by Dr. Robert Ford Goodies win! Congratulations! Secrets in the spoiler
  17. Westworld Mafia

    I'm headed to bed (US EDT). I'll read my obit when I wake up. I hope something kind is said ... I'm wondering ... has a player ever been BOTH of the first two kills before? Poor Aura
  18. Westworld Mafia

    To clarify the end of the night happens in around 4 hours 45 minutes.
  19. Westworld Mafia

    Fair enough. There were a few problems with your analysis of the first plan, but as far as I can tell, baddie can't win with the new plan. In fact, since I know that I'm not the baddie, I see it as a guaranteed win. I didn't realize that the name of the acting role appears next to every kill in the NP.
  20. Westworld Mafia

    I'm in. I'm changing my block now. (said the soldier willing to die for the cause.)
  21. Westworld Mafia

    What's wrong with a d1 tie?
  22. Westworld Mafia

    Is there time to get the new actions in? I am suspicious of Flame for pushing the tie d1. Even though the results were nice. And I am wary of Gavin. Plas scores some goodie points for his plan. idk about Bona.
  23. Westworld Mafia

    Yes. I would count as a tie rather than make the host win this
  24. Westworld Mafia

    Correction: Nana needs to not attempt to save anyone. Since she can't save self, if she attempts to save someone else and it fails then she would end up going into a 2 vs 1 or 1 vs 1 scenario without a vote, and that could make the goodies lose. I doubt it matters though because I'm pretty sure Nana or Bonanova is the baddie.
  25. Westworld Mafia

    How not to mafia How to mafia If it goes into a final day phase with 1 goodie vs 1 baddie (without a vote manip) so they both vote each other and die in the lynch does that count as a tie? Other than that, anyone see problems? Is everyone OK with that plan and please confirm if you send those actions? Mine is sent.
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