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  2. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    Nothing yet folks. Read lines 2 and 3 carefully. I may have been lax in rendering due diligence to punctuation : ) You're on right track with the name game.
  3. EventHorizon

    Tiling a hexagon

    This puzzle is not quite solved yet. So here's my attempt
  4. Yesterday
  5. EventHorizon

    Help Bob find Alice's P(x)$%^

    Alice is so kinky...
  6. EventHorizon

    Cutting pizza

    Proof for (3)
  7. EventHorizon

    Help me please to solve

    I installed the plus4 app, and it is just a mastermind clone. +x means you have x numbers in the right spot, and -x means you have x numbers right, but they are in the wrong spots. It could be that a guess would result in +2-2, meaning that you have all the right numbers, but two are in the wrong spots.
  8. Wilson

    A Threatening Riddle

  9. plainglazed

    A Threatening Riddle

    I too, have been mulling over this one since you posted. Best I've come up with so far Don't think I'm there yet. Also, has crossed my mind that this one may be different than Sir Shakee's typical wai.
  10. Last week
  11. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

  12. plasmid

    A Threatening Riddle

    How about
  13. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    Nah. This one's a bit tricky. Good guess though.
  14. plasmid

    A Threatening Riddle

    Have been thinking about this for a little bit, and now ready to take a stab
  15. Shakeepuddn

    A Threatening Riddle

    My last name is a first name Both tell you what Your needs are my end game You would likely like cut. I'm not a good neighbor Though you see me a lot And the things I would tell you Would make you quite hot. I'm nosey to some And get in their face But that's a new name For a loftier place. I won't knock on your door And will enter unseen But if you know what's in store Then you better come clean.
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  17. rocdocmac

    Crypto-Anagram #2

    Here is another cryptogram: XTWUMG YPNGGBNMC DXTAUFFNTMVBBO Solve it, then unscramble the letters in the resulting sentence (it is now an anagram) to reveal the name of a rock group and the title of one of their songs (six words altogether).
  18. Thalia


    Ooh. Another language. Never would have gotten that. Nice puzzle.
  19. bonanova


    I'll give these a shot.
  20. bonanova

    Logic Puzzle with 26 Variables

    Hi Tomson, and welcome to the Den. An oldie but goodie.
  21. What is the answer of (x-a)(x-b)...(x-z)? The solution is contained in the video below https://youtu.be/CnHBE4SbRRs
  22. harman

    The Adventure

    River is the answer
  23. rocdocmac


    Answer (Thalia got halfway there) ...
  24. Tricks90

    Code Breaking Game

    The creator of this code game sent me the following "overall you should be looking for clues of what types of ciphers are used rather than trying to unscramble scrambled things, once have worked through the ciphers, it will be close to clear what to do" He has also basically clarified that the enigma cypher and baconian cypher are used but there is clearly at least another one in there which is holding me back from any progress
  25. Tricks90

    Code Breaking Game

    further to this i have another hint "What are now letters must eventually become numbers before they can become words" plus the final codes that i am looking to unscramble are Code: Section 1: AFBAJNXAESRQLKLARXLUNTUGVWVVPMGMGKVADRFGJTVYYGPPVBUQDNCFWJYTKWNBVJSWRSSection 2: WNESSZMKOQQESCYMEXKNIZGAIHAVHBTSPHRCVUNYFZLPCGEZSEQ
  26. Tricks90

    Code Breaking Game

    I assumed that it was just 1 2 3 for the Walzenlage also for the STECKERVERBINDUNGEN i have also started to consider that a = b & c = d rather than a = c & b = d Useful tool for enigma with the above tool i use enigma 1
  27. Harting

    Hi From SWEDEN! =)

    This is the kind of stupied things I do =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtseAVN5pvE
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