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  2. 3D Connect the Dots

    just guesing without doing calculation.
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  4. Short of adding additional trapezi for an increase in 2 times the platform height with each one added I am at a loss for ideas.
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  6. 3D Connect the Dots

    Welcome here Philip.. Note that the spider can crawl to any cork without spending its web. It would cut and stick web ends anywhere . Like the previous problem 7m is the length to beat. What is the minimum length that should connect 3 points?
  7. Playing baseball

    This is what I had in mind
  8. The lion and the tamer

    Neglecting inertia and response time of the lion, The tamer would always be caught if he is required to change direction (regardless of the shape of the cage). because each time the tamer changes with even the slightest direction at the slightest angle, the lion will be able to switch to the shortest direction to where the tamer is (even if blindly following him).
  9. If we consider only integers, from zero to infinity, and we could list them all, we could see that the quantity of low-value-numbers is negligible when compared to the quantity of very-large-valued numbers. Thus we can safely assume that when randomizing, we will pick only very-large-valued numbers. It is also said that randomizing 0-9 and combining them to form enormously (infinitely) large number, every combination of strings (including ..7777777..) is contained in that number. So, since we can safely assume that we will be able to pick only very-large-valued numbers, and in each of those numbers, the string 7777777 is contained, We can assume that every time we pick a number randomly, the string 7777777 is contained in that number. Thus, 100%. Also the same for negative numbers. And it won't matter if they are integers or not, you can use the same idea for all rationals.
  10. Playing baseball

    If without air resistance and not on North or south pole, parabolic, because of the initial velocity given by the spin of the earth while still on hand, similar to throwing the ball with some initial velocity, and actually seeing the parabolic projectile shape. if on North or south pole, linear. If taking into account the speed of the motion of earth around the solar system (revolution), the rotation of earth would be negligible, thus it is near elliptical (same with galactic reference of sun orbiting galaxy).
  11. Riddle the Fat

    Once Shiro had 5 pounds of fat on him, he must lose the fat. he gains fat at a rate of two pounds per month in the month of Slacking, the month of Flirting, and the month of AFKing. he gains fat at a rate of 1.2 pounds per month in the month of walking, the month of sitting, and the month of killing players. he gains fat at a rate of 0.6 pounds per month in the month of Relaxing, the month of talking, and the month of Hiding. And he gains fat at a rate of 1.5 pounds per month in the month of collecting, the month of gaining, and the month of Storing.Assuming he start from beginning, and he can lose weight when he has 5 pounds of fat on himhow many days will it take for Norbert to gain 100 pounds of fat?
  12. 3D Connect the Dots

    Connecting the 8 corks with web with least linear meter requires connecting with the web along the sides of the cube (no diagonals) with length 1m, and uses at least 7 segments to connect 8 corks. so the total length is 7*1m = 7 meters. and the shape could vary, as long as you pass the web only along the sides of the cube.
  13. Connect the Dots

    The construction contract is yours..nice job.
  14. Connect the Dots

    sorry I'm wrong, ignore it
  15. Connect the Dots

    Total length = 6 * sqrt 2 = 7.414
  16. In Soviet Russia

    In capitalist America car push you In capitalist America you follow law
  17. Connect the Dots

    I finally found a way to make the road system less than 7.5 miles.
  18. The No God god

    My reading of the definition of a deity is that that have authority over some aspect of nature (or that they have absolute authority over everything). People tend have a limited form of authority but ideas do not, unless they prove to be the truth. Rich does not have a deity until such time as he can convincing prove to the observer that no deity exists. It is my understanding that this will be much harder to prove than proving I'm not currently eating gummy bears. This means it is very difficult (if not impossible) to prove that a paradox actually exists.
  19. Connect the Dots

    Oops... I did the math wrong. My idea is actually about 7.88 miles long. Instead ls 2*sqrt(2.6)+sqrt(8)+sqrt(1.6), it is 2*sqrt(2.5)+sqrt(8)+sqrt(1.6)+2*sqrt(0.1) I made the yellow sides a tiny bit longer, and forget the short roads to towns 2 and 8. I am going to continue and try to find a shorter path.
  20. Connect the Dots

    @Buddyboy3000 Nice strategy ..
  21. Connect the Dots

    This will work to make the road system shorter, but you will no longer have connection to town #5. To find the shortest road system, I found it useful to use Desmos Calculator, if anyone else likes the idea. Anyways, this is my proposal...
  22. Spelling Beehive

    I agree with Logophobic. Finding the additional paths of KAYAK, you have 6 different patterns that can happen. Two are on the sides, and four are at the corners. In total, there are 102 different ones, doubled to get 204 paths. The patterns are different shapes that KAYAK can make on the edges. It is not really the mathematical way, but it works the same way.
  23. Polygamy

    Just a request for clarification or correction to the following assumptions and implications. An assumption is that the ten unrelated people at the beginning of the problem are five males and five females. An assumption is that the resultant birthling, if any, enters society immediately the day following the mating, with equal chances of being involved in mating as those already existing in the society. And, and an assumption is made that conception occurs automatically where the two parents are at least 10% related. An implication is that each adult only performs the ritual of mating no more than once per day, and due to there being a possibility a gender surplus or shortage respective of the other gender, not every adult will mate on a given day. An implication is that incestous matings can occur, though the result of that mating is no offspring.
  24. Connect the Dots

    tojo928's proposal is better than the simple design of connecting the nine towns with orthogonal roadways. An improvement to his solution is
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  26. algebraic continuity theorem

    I have a similar experience to several of the commentors. My daughter has ADHD Inattentive Type and for a good portion of her elementary life I thought that she was a bright, but lazy and unmotivated, kid. It took a teacher in one of our ARC meetings telling me that she really didn't believe my daughter was lazy, she just couldn't functionally handle what she was being asked to do. I lightened up on her (because we had tried every consequence known to man--positive and negative--and none of them had worked) and when she got to Middle School we were finally able to get her an IEP that involves a Support Skills class that helps her think through her organization every day, helps her with homework, and helps her make good choices about her work. At home I've adjusted how I've approached it from the mom kid dynamic of "go to your room and do your homework" to being a study buddy. She sits next to me so that when she has a question, I'm available to help her solve it, and I also keep her ...
  27. The non-cheating solution I have doesn't involve the sorts of things you speak of. The acrobats can be considered as points that can attach to and release from a trapeze at a distance rope length from the trapeze's axis, and that just follow Newtonian mechanics aside from being able to grab onto the trapezi (or whatever the plural of trapeze is).
  28. I can too, but it involves tall acrobats (stilts maybe) who can varying their height (or somersault to above the bar) at the bottom of their swing. Extra meters could also be obtained if they can build up enough angular momentum (by swinging around and around the bar) during the swing to somersault when it reaches the apex. In other words it would be quite a show. Edit That or exchange the trapeze for a flying fox
  29. Crazy People

    Is it just me or does this make perfect sense if you are 50 years old?
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