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    Thanks for the welcome, guys. Thalia, having "watched" Mafia games on the Forum I run, they are not my thing, if am honest: it's a time thing. Quag I wear a special suit that just lets particle beam weapons bounce off me, as designed by Iain M Banks As for smileys I NEVER use them ... honest
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    Well, that kinda depends what discussion you have with yourself over it.
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    Um... jumping straight in here (both as a long-past student of politics and as someone with an interest in politics) even though am new

    EVERYTHING is politics. All politics is, really, is human interaction. The bit to despise about politics is the game politicians - the professional would be legislators - play. Most of the people who seek power really aren't the people who should have any power. And the worst aspects of politics are always to be found in either politicians who can't/won't separate personal beliefs (including religious and moral beliefs) from utilitarian needs, or those who are easily bought. With the latter a lot depends upon the political system: when you need a large amount of finance to become a politician, then the chances are you are going to be more easily swayed by the people with the money to back you.

    However, politics permeates every aspect of what we do. Forum discussions are politics (even when they thread is apolitical) because people submit their points of view. Deciding where a group of friends are going to go on a night out is politics because it involve persuasion and negotiation. Organised religion is highly political. Persuading people to not use Flashplayer is politics

    Don't hate politics, hate the political game and the political system that prevents the people who should be the REAL politicians - everyone - from having an equal say.
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    Hi, everyone. New to this site but will be paying fairly frequent visits as time allows

    OK little bit about me. I'm a primary school teacher (ages 3-11) from Leeds, UK and, when I'm working, that's most of my time taken up, right there. I am a keen Diplomacy player (although I have never actually met anyone who can get a regular ftf game going outside of a classroom) and, for the sin of enthusiasm I'm an admin on a Dip site - I won't post which site or a link as I'm not sure whether that's in the forum rules here There is another chunk of my time gone again, unfortunately not so much playing the game as moderating, but it's all good fun (unless you're a cheater, of course ).

    Brain teasers AREN'T my strong point, I have to admit: I just don't seem to have that kind of mind! However, I enjoy the challenge. Numerical ones I'm OK at, language-based not so much.

    Anyway, I'll be prowling through the site fairly soon. Hope to bump into some of you.
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