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  1. ericself added a post in a topic Think about these   

    there are a lot of answers to #3 but i still haven't heard "i accept, but must admit defeat" i know kinda lame but it works the question isn't will you succeed its will you accept

    there are a couple of people who are close to answering #7 correctly but never fully explain themselves.
    it is impossible. once you hit the speed of light you obtain infinite mass and with that mass comes infinite gravitational pull, thus making a black hole. at that point your headlights no longer exist (and neither do you for that matter)

    and i haven't seen one post that came close to answering #8
    lifting is relivent to the direction up (you cant lift something down or right or left, you push/pull down and move/push/pull sideways)the direction up is relitive to gravity (even if your doing a head stand, at noon the sun is above you not below you)
    so if God Almighty created a rock where there is no gravity then it would be impossible to lift for the lack of the dirrection up
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  2. ericself added a post in a topic Barber Paradox (Russell's Paradox)   

    my question is does the barber shave everyone that doesn't shave themselves weather thay want to or not. i mean if some one wants to grow their beard out,then will he break into their houses when their asleep and shave them. if not, then who sais he has to shave at all. the barber can just grow his beard out and trim it now and then (which is not the same as shaving). am i right.
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