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  1. M. Shehryar Khan added a topic in New Logic/Math Puzzles   

    I believe that human brain exercises its processes at quantum levels where it encounters the heap of un-certainties and then collapses into human mind which works as the most mysterious and self referential entity. I have soon discovered a serious paradox / facts about the existence of human selfness. All of you know that a person, when given anesthesia, is surely dead in this duration (means his self is not in existence and so he, himself, is no where). However the fact is that he has been died for ever (for himself only) because the human self exists as self referential and when reference is out the self is also out and no way remains behind to retrieve the original self or original reference when the existence of self is once discontinued. However we see the true copy of the same person (having absolutely new self) after anesthesia is gone. We don’t bother because we are always unable to perceive the one’s self and decide whether some one’s self is original or the true copy of original self. It must be remembered that two human selves which are true copies of each other are the same for others but never same for each other. If all this is not true, every one should agree to be killed (of course painlessly) with the assurance of his reconstruction any where else using the virgin material, exactly similar as he exists presently. Not agreed to be killed, so agree with my theory. Simply if I have my true copy, he will be another personality for me but we both are exactly same personalities for others. This difference is because of self reference conditions which if discontinued once; the original self is gone for ever. So avoid anesthesia, senselessness due to any reason. Don’t worry your self is not discontinued when you are sleeping.
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  2. M. Shehryar Khan added a post in a topic   

    If went in past X time (when kids were not born) and dies, universe will ahead to slightly changed future, the future where the same kids will not exist. And if you are sending their DAD in an other world simillar to the X time past of our word, the kids will remain and enjoy but no copy of kids will exist in the future of new world of their dad where he died unfortunatly.
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  3. M. Shehryar Khan added a post in a topic   

    I think there is no need to think (by the way this statement became a paradox by chance) because in both cases we get infinite amount of time and then we try to compare the both infinities which is not possible because in this case the out come is always un determined. However if there is really actual out come at some where some time which contains also some finite value, we must believe that it is the decision of GOD who probably controls or tweak the universe at quantum levels.
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  4. M. Shehryar Khan added a post in a topic Barber Paradox (Russell's Paradox)   

    Mystery solved, why one should believe that barber must be shaved. The answer is that no body shaves the barber …….very simple.
    OR barber gets another barber to get shaved….. also very simple
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