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  1. steavey_187 added a post in a topic I'm not a chess piece   

    hmmm.. i thought that right away.... and then got caught up in all these other guesses and then finally decided to look and yup there it was. I can see how this may be a riddle so easy it becomes hard because we over look the obvious.

    sorry didn't see this was an older one till after i posted this so just wanted to go "whoops" reall quick lol
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  2. steavey_187 added a post in a topic I'm not a forgotten philosophy   

    Its all I could come up with after a long time of thinking on this... would love to know what the answer really is though.
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    @MUKUL VERMA although your answer seems correct at first look..

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    Alrighty to everyones posts. Thank you for the heads up on those to watch out for

    **Oh and I'll try to check out the games when a get a chance. I don't spend alot of time online so usually don't try to start too many new things at once lol.

    But again, Thank you everyone.
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  7. steavey_187 added a topic in New Logic/Math Puzzles   

    My name's Rose and I guess I'm here because I enjoy BrainPuzzles.

    Found the site through Igoogle gadgets but could never see answers to the riddles so decided it was time to join the site so I could fully use, understand, and apprisiate the puzzles posted here. I look forward to attempting all sorts of new, fun, crazy, brainpuzzles!

    Funny side note: totally took me a good ten minutes of back and forths from the introduce yourself message back to other parts of the site to finally find where the button "start a new post" was. I accidentally found it by clicking on the Introduce Yourself at the bottom of the locked admin new person post, thinking it was just gonna send me back to the top, and wound up seeing everyone else's "Hi I'm new" posts page. lol i know, sometimes i'm slow at the simple stuff .
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