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    1: The bullet slowly, but surely, moves closer to the edge, and then flies forward again, breaks time travelling logic, and kills hitler. Win win win.

    2: No one said it was deep water. Yes, but due to the ETERNAL LIFE POWERS we would revive and pull our heads out of the water.

    3: No. And since I did not accept, what does that mean? I CANNOT FAIL IT BECAUSE I DID NOT ACCEPT IT!

    4: Was a mercy killing, so she didn't die of cancer, which the girl saw AS A KID. It does not say it was a child who went back, but a girl. It was moments before her grandma's death BEFORE. A crime boss was convicted. WIN

    5: The weather channel is wrong. I mean, it happens all the time.

    6: My answer is....NO! Well? The next word I said was "my", not "no". I WIN.

    7: Nothing happens, BECAUSE...the headlights are BROKEN!

    8: Someone named he finds the rock and cannot lift it. YEAAAAA
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