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    An old farmer, as inheritance, was going to divide his properties (lands) into his 3 daughters (the oldest, the youngest and the “middle one”). He had a total of X properties. All of the three girls knew the value of X. All of them were going to have a different amount and an integer number of lands. The oldest wins more lands then the middle, and the middle wins more lands than the youngest. Each girl knows how many properties she´s going to win, but doesn´t know about the sisters. The father don´t allow them to communicate with each other. Starting a game (because he knew all 3 were very smart) he brings all sisters together and asks to the oldest:

    “How many properties are your sisters winning?”

    “I don’t know dad.” – She answered.

    “How many properties are your sisters winning?” – He asked to the middle sister this time.

    “I don’t know dad.” – She answered too.

    “How many properties are your sisters winning?” – He asked to the youngest sister.

    “I don’t know dad.” – Was the answered again.

    He asks the same questions again, in the same order. On the seventh question, directed to the oldest, she answered; “Yes, now I know.”

    Knowing the youngest have to win a minimum of 1 property and the oldest a maximum of 10 properties, how many lands each girl wins? And how the oldest figure it out?
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