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  1. TheCrazyAwesome2 added a post in a topic Barber Paradox (Russell's Paradox)   

    Maybe the barber just never shaves =O
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  2. TheCrazyAwesome2 added a post in a topic Liar Paradox (Eubulid or Epimenides Paradox)   

    If someone says "Everything I say is a lie", are they telling the truth? Or are they lying?

    It can't be true cause it contradicts itself: 'everything I tell you is a lie' and hes telling the truth.

    The reason it can be a lie is´╗┐ - If he's lieing about saying 'everything he says is a lie', it doesn't mean that everything he says is the truth. It just means that maybe half the things he says is a lie. So if he only lies about half of things, than saying he lies about everything would be a lie.

    Im confusing myself.. hope it made sense lol.
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