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  1. jayeshk added a post in a topic Liar Paradox (Eubulid or Epimenides Paradox)   

    he is actually lying beause actually when he is saying the sentence "HE ALWAYS LIES" he is telling the truth.....!!
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  2. jayeshk added a post in a topic Weighing in a Harder Way   

    We can do it in 3 Measurements

    Make 3 Groups of 9 Coins Each

    Measure1 : Weigh Any Two Groups , If they weigh same . 3rd which is kept aside contains the required coin else one with heavy side has the required coin.. This Eliminates 18 Coins out of 27

    Measure2: Elliminates 6 Coins Going by Above Process . Balance is now 3

    Measure3: Weigh Any 2 , if same the coin kept aside is required coin else the one on heavy side
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