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    I'm almost done with my science homework, but i need help with some of the questions [they're multiple choice].

    1) the element ____ is always found in nature combined with other elements.
    [a] copper gold [c] magnesium [d] silver

    2) the least magnetic of these metals is ____.
    [a] cobalt iron [c] nickel [d] titanium

    3) when neptunium atoms fall apart, they form ____.
    [a] ytterbium promethium [c] americium [d] plutonium

    4) an example of a radioactive element is ____.
    [a] astatine bromine [c] chlorine [d] fluorine

    5) the only group that is completely non-metallic is Group ____.
    [a] 1 2 [c] 17 [d] 18

    thank youu!
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  2. Lloyd Denver added a post in a topic Homework Helpers   

    I can't believe that kids can even do their homework on a computer now days. How are they ever going to learn anything and where are their parents and why arent they responsible? When I was a kid we had no choice but to study and do our homework. It wasnt fun but I did learn alot from having to be responsible for doing my homework. I felt proud when I turned my work in to the teacher. Kids should not be allowed to get answers on the computer and parents should be more strict and grow up themselves,

    Its no wonder we are the dumbest country in the world. All parents care about is their kids passing. The parents should be accountable before the kids are to learn how to be.
    This world is so messed up. Yes I do care. I have a 9 yr old boy and his homework and chores come before any games or video games. I dont let him use my computer for any homework and I never will. Teachers dont have the authority they did when I was a kid. Parents expect teachers to be babysitters. The system is a mess. We used to fear the teachers. Now the teachers are afraid of the students.
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