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    #1 He slipped on the popsicle juice from the popsicle that his kid dropped on the floor earlier. It melted and he slid right down and fell on the stick, it stabbed him in his heart, or he choked on it, nevertheless, it killed him and popped out and onto the floor beside him. #2 Or possibly, his frig was on the fritz, shorted, and all his popsicles had melted onto the floor. He opened the door, a stick fell out, he stepped in it, fried then died.
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    Bravo for your insight on this paradox. You have reminded me of the "lying by omission" statement. If I do not speak the truth, it may still exist, just not in the realm of hearing it being spoken by me. It may also not exist at all, but that is irrelevant. If I state, "I do not speak the truth," but I know the truth and choose not to speak it, does this mean I am lying? I would suggest that instead of considering this to be a circular reasoning problem, consider the dimensions a paradox exists in. The Grecian spoke ill of all Cretans, "All Cretans are liars." When he returned to the island of Crete for a second time, he spoke it again, then added, "All I say is the truth." The only way through this, is to realize that the absolute word ALL is the one thing that can be proven wrong. It does follow that one truthful Cretan can be found. This nullifies the Grecians words that he speaks only the truth. He can be proven to be a liar, without considering his proclamation that he speaks only the truth. In the realm of evidence to the contrary.
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