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    You are absolutely right about the two forces and the weightlessness at the point where the Earth's and Moon's gravitational forces cancel.However, I had defined what I meant by weight in this case in my original post and according to that definition, astronauts will be weightless.

    Now for the trampoline example.
    You will feel the food pushing down on your stomach but if the jump would have lasted for a sufficient amount of time for the food and the stomach to attain the same velocity, food would have become weightless.

    In LEO's the spacecrafts fall towards the Earth however due to their forward motion they keep missing the Earth.Now since the spacecraft and astronauts fall at same rates,astronauts are weightless(again weightless means weightlessness as defined in original post).

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    Well done!
    No is the right answer.As the astronaut and the spacecraft have the same acceleration/deceleration,the astronaut will be weightless.
    This question came to my mind when I was reading Jules Verne's From The Earth to The Moon in which he said that the astronauts will have weight(as in under my definition) .He realized the same acceleration thing but still believed the astronauts to have weight I don't know why.

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    A question of weightlessness
    Suppose you are an astronaut.You are fired from the Earth's surface(assume Earth to have no atmosphere) from a cannon towards the moon in a cylindrical projectile(shape won't make much difference in our case).The projectile has no rockets or any other propulsion system.So basically the initial impulse from the cannon is driving you towards the moon.Assume the cannon force to be enough to carry you away so that you don't fall back onto the Earth.

    Now,you are in space and the only forces(significant forces) acting on the rocket are the gravitational pulls of the Earth and the moon.The question is will you have any weight in the rocket?

    Note-weight here refers to the normal reaction one receives from the floor.
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    Assuming that Mr. Black always gets one shot right and Mr. Gray always two right,then there are nine combinations possible.Logically,out of these nine combinations,4 will increase chances of survival if the first shot is a miss.Thus, missing the shot(either by chance or deliberately is the best option).
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