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    Since there is only one page of answers so far and took the time to figure this out here is my solution, forgive me if I repeated:


    Edit: I agree with Mogli
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    I think Nana7 got it!

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    If they are as clever as me then anything I come up with will work. And this is what I would do:

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    I don't see any way to logically answer this, the information in the riddle leaves too many unknowns.

    First the word "was", as pointed out earlier, eliminates the knowledge there are any monkeys in the room at the time of the asking.

    Second, what monkey are you asking ("you asked a monkey"), one that was in the room or just some random monkey on the street, you could be talking to a money in a barrel of monkeys.

    Third, Just because the monkey was in the vicinity of other monkeys he may not be looking at any, or just the cute one, or the odd looking one.

    Forth, the second word "was" ("how many monkeys it was looking at") this can now open the answer to "any" monkey it had ever seen, ever. Could be a lot of monkeys.

    So, I love a good riddle, I can't wait for the answer, I hope I slap my forehead and say "Ohhhh!"
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    I there is 40% and 60% probability how did they get to duce in the first place? The game itself shows they both at that point have a 50% 50%.
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  9. glamar added a post in a topic Igniter Cords   

    For those struggling with the solution, think of it with some more data, this is not part of the puzzle nor does it need to be, but will help you wrap your head around this:

    Lets say each cord is 10 units long and for whatever reason the burn times for each unit are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,15 = 60 (in Minuets), folding is half will not get you 30 sec on each side. If you light both sides they meet 1/4 the way through the 8th unit. If you have two of the cords and you light three ends the one with both burning will be gone in 30 mins the other, depending on what end you light will have 7 1/4 units left or 2 3/4 units, either way they will = 30 mins. If you light the remaining end it will take 15 mins to burn out so the total burn time is 45 mins.

    Not sure why any one would manufacture detonation cord like this :-). It there a real life application to this puzzle?

    My two cents!
    (Really just two coins not sure if they are both worth a cent but for whatever reason I know they = 0.02 of a dollar)
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