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    I'm sorry, even though this is an old post, I thought I might throw in my 2 cents.
    Doesn't the word "or" typically mean "one is false and the other is true"?
    I'll try to show my logic toward this:

    False OR False = False (If False AND False, then = True).
    False OR True = True (If False AND True, then = False).
    True OR False = True (If True AND False, then = False).
    True OR True = False (If True AND True, then = True).

    If Person A was a Swindlecant and Person B was an Honestant, he would still be lying because he isn't using AND, right?
    If the statement was, "I am a Swindlecant and/or the other is a Honestant", then I would completely agree with everyone else here.
    Since that is not the case, aren't there two answers to this riddle?
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