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    no, but i knew someone would guess that one

    no, good one do

    no, good one do
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    no but good thinking ±D
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    a little bit overreacted but you make a point azna
    same for EDM
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    it was indeed a dead passenger that he was feeded to me, good job
    I didn't figured it would be guessed so quickly

    where-ever I go, you will follow
    what-ever I do, will affect you
    when-ever I sleep, you don't
    evendo it's hard for me to see you, you will see me

    what is is that I discribed?
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    here is the idea, I have a story, but I will only give you a start, you will have ask me yes or no questions, if there isn't a clear yes or no, I will give notice for that, but still only make the yes and no useable.

    I'm on an small isle.
    Next to me under a palm tree sits a captain of a ship.
    The isle is completely surrounded by water.
    There are a some other trees in the isle.
    The captain is in his late 50s I'm in my mid 20s

    This is all the information on the isle and situation, now here the story:

    The captain and I are looking for food, I'm diving for food and he tries to catch something and search the isle.
    After I come back without luck, I notice that the captain has some meat over a campfire, he said he cought an albatros.
    We eat the albatros and I feel reborn, I tell the captain I'm going to try to swim to the coast, which was barely noticeable.
    After an exhaustiing 4 our swim, I get to the shore, I see a fancy restaurant and after explaining to the owner what happened, I get some dry clothes and a free meal, I decided to take the albatros.
    After one bite, I pull out a gun and blow my brains out, I die instantly.

    for you is the question: why?

    so a summary:
    - all you know is the information I gave you above
    - you can only ask questions that I can answer with either "yes" or "no"
    - multiple questions per post are allowed, but please don't overdo it

    GL and if you have any questions, please ask them. I tried to be as clear as possible.
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    sorry double post real quick.

    @ Ionno or Lonno, it depends on the system really, do you have any numbers on what kind of house they have, theyr health condition? more importantly, in China your house is worth nothing, in America it's probably at least 100.000-200.000 unless you rent.

    in holland for example (i live there you see..) we have limits, the more money you make with your job, the more you have to pay on tax and the less help you recieve from the government. Obama in fact took our health system in consideration and applied a variation in America.

    so you post have to have facts or some valid arguments, otherwise it isn't wise to say it, you would only bring confusion
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    ofcourse i was talking about Holland, but the youtube link wasn't.

    @GVG, there is no use in making kids choose earlier than they already have to, i still am not that sure what kind of job i want and i have to graduate in 4 months... so choosing earlier and earlier is no option i believe. however i find it rather amusing that they do introduce music and arts to everyone at your school, but don't do this for physics, which is (more/just as) important in our growing need for knowlegde.

    i do however if anyone wonders have found a job i see a future in, which is airtrafic controller, it pays (REALLY) well and im overqualified

    i would like the government to instead of making sure theyr asses are covered in the crisis and they don't take the blame, would try to solve this type of thing. here is an example:
    we set up a system which was suposed to support our country when a crisis as such would occur, so what is the first thing they do? they ban the system the minut the crisis took form -.-'
    i dont want to go offtopic that's why i will close with an ontopic argument:
    stay in school, don't do drugs

    007joost has left the building of awsome discussions.

    (ps. any rights of no capital i's and no ' in words like dont or thats or havent ar eall prohabited and under license of my crappie skills in the english grammer, since i mix the american style with the english quite often.)
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    the problem is very simple.

    its not neccessarily that the tests are skewed, because they get generalised too.
    it's that the way of thinking we do now, is still exacly the same as that we did in the "old generations".

    schools still work on how old you are, rather than your learning capabilities.
    they give lessions in sepperate building, engels at languages, physics at the lab, history at another building.
    also the schoolsystem was invented for how things worked about 150-200 years ago, that just doesn't apply anymore.

    here is an interresting video that i believe shares my opinion.

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    but the flying spaghetti monster is awsome :D

    but serieusly man, if heared about these multiverses, and contrary to what people think, they are not the EXACT opposite of what we are.
    they are universes where other choices where made or other rules (of physics?) apply.
    it could be so simple as that JFK wasn't murdered, or as complicated as that the earth is exactly the same as ours in everything, except that its 200m smaller, that would have huge complications.

    its complicated and indeed impossible to just prove. just like god.

    god sucks, so does the devil
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    fastest i could come up with.

    gate 1:
    ask if the right key is either 1 or higher than 1 till 5, if not you know it will be 6 till 9, so i will deduct both solutions..

    ask for lower or equal to 3
    if its lower, than ask for 2 or lower.
    you now have the key
    if its higher, ask for 4
    you now have the key

    ask if its 7 or 6
    if yes, ask 6
    you now have the key
    if no, ask 8
    you now have the key

    gate 2:

    you now have one less key which is vital, you now only have to do this:
    ask if its one of the first 4 numbers that are left.
    if its true, than ask for the first 2 and after that, pick 1 of the 2 that are left over.
    you now have the key
    you can do the exact same thing with the last 4 numbers.
    you now have the key

    gate 3:
    you now have 7 keys left.

    ask for the first 4 numbers that are left.
    do the same as you did at gate 2.
    you now have the key
    at the last 3 numbers, you ask for 2 or 1. if its 3, you have the key, if not, ask for 2
    you now have the keys

    so in about 7-9 questions ^^
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    what you are basicly saying is, just because those things are complex, there is no way that in 1000s of years of generations, those connections and neurons and stuff coulnd't have been build up?

    so just because it's complex, evolution is wrong..
    that doesn't make any sense to me.
    and it's not that for example the brain chooses which connections it makes, but that it seeks connections with all the other brainscells around it. that doesn't sound like only-god-could-have-think-about-it level of complex
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    very interesting topic, that we have here.

    I do not believe in Divine Creation (mostly because we stil have ape-like parts in our body), neither do I fully believe the Evolution Theorie (mostly because of the theorie part, which means nothing is proven).

    I in fact hold in mind several theories that I find plausible:
    - the earth was already ready for life 500 miljoen years ago, yet the first life form was some kind of insect which "started living" on earth 200-250 miljoen years ago. so I believe that we already existed, but almost f***ed up the planet like we do now, so we desided to take a do-over (not the most plausible (explanation)).
    - we were from the very beginning an already excisting race, which simply addapted it's DNA to be able to live on earth.
    clues are for example the egyptians.
    * the build fricking piramides in line with the stars, which means that they where skilled in astrologie.
    * the build the piramides themselfs, till today still world wonders.
    there are more civilizations (like the maya's) that I can use, but I don't want to hammer on the subject.
    - the thirth one is complex and involves only me so I'm not going to explain it
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    azna is correct...

    i see it like this:

    the dalmatian had to be before the great dane.
    the Poodle has to be last, since whitney was put before the Poodle and nr.1 and nr.2 names are already given.
    logic concludes that if the poodle is last, the second is given and the dalmatian is before the great dane, than there is no other way than:

    1 - Dalmatian , Jamie
    2 - Alsatian , Sammy
    3 - Great Dane, Whitney
    4 - Poodle, Jimmy

    sorry, spoilers don't work at school
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