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    This is right, those other leads were either false or just unlikely. Great job!
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    You helped Detective Toby McAllister keep his job and reputation by the skin of his nose, to which he is grateful. But he finds himself in the need of your assistance again. A life may be at stake, so be sure to think it over.

    Here is the deal, a doctor was nabbed for some knowledge that he might have possessed that certain people didn’t want him to have. He’s the senor at a center for acoustic research, and they greatly wanted to come back unharmed.

    You have several leads, but there is no way you can check them all, can you help Mr. McAllister narrow the list down to the two most logical places to look?

    1. The old abandoned meat factory- Someone saw suspicious activity going on down there, and was concerned enough to leave an anonymous tip.

    2. The basements of a music store- Strange noise have been reported coming from there and several sources confirm this.

    3. An old barn- a near by resident reported seeing strange lights (possibly from flashlights or lanterns) entering the barn during the night.

    4. A local headphone business- Has been known to keep to it self; it might be on the verge of financial ruin.

    5. A warehouse – Two anonymous tips came in saying they saw a man fighting with several other guys, and the fight disappearing into the warehouse

    Which two of these five leads seem the most likely? Remember, there is no way to check them all, so choose wisely. The Doctor and Mr. McAllister need your help!
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    parking meters go by size not weight, but yes you would stick clay on the penny till it was the same Size as a nickle
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    your right, but what about the second one?
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    This sounds like fun, count me in
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    Toby McAllister was in a bind, he had found out of some illegal actions but he needs to know how they were perpetrated in order to keep his job as a private investigator. Can you figure out how the two following crimes were perpetuated?

    1. A woman set up a fake parking spot in order to not get towed away. This fake spot consisted of the normal two white lines at a regulation distance. However these lines were some how both completely portable and made no mark on the ground. How did she accomplish this feat?

    2. A clay sculptor who wanted to park at a parking meter didn’t have the correct change for the time he wanted to stay... he had a dime and a penny; he needed a dime and a nickel. What did he do to alter the penny in order to fool the parking meter? (Hint: yes, he has some clay with him)

    Can you help Mr. McAllister solve these crimes and keep his reputation? (P.S Both there methods of breaking the law are not recommended and illegal)
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    Well it's a controversal topic... I chose Health care reform.
    The video kind of explains my paper
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    To present my paper I need a 8 minute presentation along with it, it has to include (at least)a 2 minute video piece with it. The rest of the eight minutes are for what you think is best.

    I've all ready gotten the video and stuff, and written my paper.
    However I'm not sure how to present it.

    Video stuff first or paper

    Should I read the paper word-for-word
    Or just sum it up?

    When I asked my teacher he said "Do what you feel is best"

    I'm not sure so I'm asking you

    What is the way I could present it in that you would be most likely to sit through (and pay attention?)?
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    Robert Frost did some good ones (I forget the exact names of them)
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    Well I'm thinking those big wind turbines (for renewable energy) are powerful (but mega expensive...)
    It's a give and take.
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    Where does light end and darkness begin?

    Where does half-full become half-empty?

    Where does infinity begin and end?

    Show me the start of a circle.

    Give me an answer to a question I have not asked.

    And finally:

    My teacher stated "Double negitaves equal a positive, but no where in the english language are to positives a negitive"

    To which I said "Yeah, right!"
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    1) All ravens are black

    This can be translated to

    2) Everything that is not black is not a raven

    the first "fact" is supported by:

    3)Nevermore,my pet raven is black

    And the second one by:

    4) This green (and therefore not black) thing is an apple (and not a raven)

    However does all of that prove all black things are ravens in any way?
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  14. Annamaetion added a post in a topic   

    I have no earthly idea, this one is tough... Is it fictional?
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    i dunno, my answer kinda fits...
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