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    When the vase fell the first time - it was lying open. But when the vase fell the 2nd time - it was wrapped in a gift paper. There has to be a difference in breakage pattern when an item (vase) falls when lying open & when in a package.
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    u r right metaphysical. i made that mistake.
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    Answer is:-
    1 - Will got Peperoni Pizza & watched Casino Royal with Scott

    2 - Jason got Onion Rings & watched Babel with Scott

    3 - Alex got Pretzels & watched Borat with Scott

    4 - Chris got Jalepenos & watched The Departed with Scott

    5 - David got Chilli Dogs & watched Man of the Year with Scott
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    Stick to your choice of Door#2. Probability of finding $1000 is 50% on each door. Sticking to the choice will also reap in additional $300. No matter where the booty is - you will win $300 (min) in either case
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