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    A tea factory has a certain number of packers all of whom pack 1 kilo
    unmarked boxes filled with tea. Each packer fills each box with exactly
    1 kilo of tea. One of the packers consistently steals 10g of tea from
    each box he/she packs. The manager knows that the culprit is one of the
    packers but he doesn’t know which one. As he is trying to work out how
    to unmask the culprit a porter is wheeling an electronic weighing
    machine through the factory. The manager asks the porter if he can use
    the machine to help solve his dilemma. The porter replies that the
    machine is for another department but reluctantly agrees the use of the
    machine for only one weighing/reading only. Using the weighing machine
    once to take one reading the manager is able to unmask the culprit. How
    does he do it?
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