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    a lot of answers may be given by different points of view. It just confuses people more if I still defend my answer. It's based on MY point of view so it's nothing to argue about. However, I've encountered a lot of problems like this, maybe not in matters of money, but in matters of measurement. It's not easy to spot, but the disinformation is really there. Answers depend on how you analyze the problem. Therefore, there is no definite solution to this one, but I think my answer is the closest...
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    To a person who studied plants all his life he must have known these facts...

    Fruits = plants that grow from seeds such as apples, coconuts and oranges

    Vegetables = plants that grow from parts of the original plant...

    I have a lot of sources, and I can't be wrong..

    One of the people who replied said something like it doesn't mention in the story that John didn't label cucumbers as vegetables. It did. "Beside it is a vegetables section with broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers and celery." It's not okay to trust on one source only. It's also not good to rely on just the internet. A lot of knowledge are stored in books, so try it... I guaranteed the problem before posting it here...
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    ouch... my head hurts...
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    Boy Peso now died. Before he ran out of breath, he told his three sons, Dollar, Yen and Franc, that his last will and testament was in his favorite book. The attorney decided that the one who will find them will have 1/2 of Boy Peso's treasure.

    A few days later, the eldest son, Dollar, presented a letter to the attorney. "I found this letter in between pages 21-22 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows," he said. The attorney checked the letter. It was Boy Peso's hand writing.

    Just as the attorney, was going to approve the letter, the youngest son, Franc, spoke. "That letter's a fake!" How did he know?

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    John Silverstein was jailed for poisoning his own brother for 10 years. Now, he is finally getting out. Detective Courtney Grimier and Police Officer James Copperfield were anxious.

    "All I wanted for now is to build a garden of my own. I have always wanted to be botanist, the main reason why I studied plants," he told the detective and the officer.

    Detective Grimier and PO Copperfield went to John's garden. There was a flower's section with rows of marigolds, orchids, chrysanthemums and violets. There's also the fruits section with pears, apples, grapes and oranges. Beside it was a vegetables section with broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers and celery. The two sat by a picnic table in the middle of the garden.

    Then, John came carrying two plates of fresh green salad. "I believe that you doubt about my innocence. I'm proud to tell you that I have changed. As you can see, I have a beautiful garden here as my sanctuary and business. I'm a criminal no more." The two just nodded.

    Going home, Detective Grimier told PO Copperfield, "He is not a criminal now, but he sure isn't a botanist!" Why did Detective Grimier think that John is not a botanist?

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    There was once a man named Boy Peso. One day, he saw a toy in a store. he doesn't have the money, so he had to ask his mother and father. They gave him 5 dollars each. So, he had 10 dollars. He bought the toy and had a 3 dollar loose change. "How can I split 3 dollars into two people?" he asked himself. Then an idea struck his mind. He gave 1 dollar to each of his parents and kept the last. He owed 5 dollars to each parent, but returned 1 dollar to each. His debt to each of his parents is 4 dollars. That gives a total of 8 dollars, add the one he kept and that's 9 dollars. Hey, wait a minute. Where did the missing dollar go?

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    I'm sorry for the late reply, but I must clear this. The police found out BECAUSE they were not in the house the day the murder happened. So they have to ask each member of the family a certain question: "What were you doing last night?" If you say they are alibis, then the answer would be very easy. And besides, this riddle works best when told via verbal telling. And also, did you read the passage only once? If you did, you probably would forget all about the "round" thing...
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    A murder was committed inside a round house. According to the neighbors, no one came in the house that day, so the only suspects are the relatives. Here is the list of clues the police found out:

    Grandma - victim
    Mother - shopping for groceries at a nearby store
    Father - painting the fence
    Sister - reading her chemistry books
    Brother - playing with his PSP
    Baby - asleep in the bedroom
    Grandpa - reading a book in a corner

    Who was the murderer and why?

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    WAHH!!! I don't know what have overcame me that I used my old system of computation to get my hypothesized answer.... I can't believe it! I'm still quite a child anyway...
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    Even though A poisoned the water in C's sack, it doesn't mean that A is the murderer. The story says, "Two days later, C died of thirst". It means one thing -- C died because B holed the sack and let all the water flow out of it. Without water, no body can live. As anyone else were saying, A and B should have died ahead of C since only C had the water. The only valid reason to this is that,maybe just maybe, when A knew that B holed the sack, they decided to become partners and left C behind in search for water. Other answers count as valid, but they all have missing points in the explanation.

    NOTE: This is only a hypothesis. I'm not concluding that this is definitely the right answer, rather specifying a deeper point of view of the story...
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