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  1. Wtfwasthat added a post in a topic Barber Paradox (Russell's Paradox)   

    Another barber?
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  2. Wtfwasthat added a post in a topic Barber Paradox (Russell's Paradox)   

    Someone who shaves themself can shave the barber?
    (I say someone who shaves themselves since I wouldn't want someone who can't shave to shave me, unless they had steady hands like a Dr)
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  3. Wtfwasthat added a post in a topic   

    Hmmmm... I completely disagree. Who's to say who is a genius or who is an idiot? The above comment is not far off Hitler and his vision to create a "superior" race of some sort. Some of the greatest people to contribute to society are not academics. So going by your rules these people would be effectively executed for not passing some test?

    Another question; why would a nation of geniuses be better than a nation of idiots? Everyone has a value and society needs a mixture to be healthy. If everyone were fantastic theoretical geniuses busy contemplating theories, innovating and inventing who would actually build their stuff? who would do the useful jobs in day-to-day living like drive buses? fix their cars? Can you see some genius having the ability to build himself a house when his speciality is "Astronomical Theory and Mathematical Computations"? I can't.

    Also, how do you determine who is a genius and who is an idiot? Many of the greatest discoveries in terms of Physics etc. were made by people who were thought to be mad at the time. These people would have been considered idiots.

    I would have to say that those that are not infected must be left to remain uninfected. Sort of a natural selection. Those that are infected have been infected and therefore, unfortunately will die (in this scenario). Of course, this is easy to say from a neutral standpoint. I think what would likely happen is the infected will fight the uninfected, some of the infected would succeed in eating an uninfected brain and recover and some would not and die. Of course everyone wants to live.

    ANyway, in the original reply above who would decide who lives and who dies? In my view no-one decides. Let nature take it's course on this one.
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  4. Wtfwasthat added a post in a topic A few sentences from life   

    Having read quite a few replies on here I think some people are taking these statements too literally. Some puzzles and brain teasers are based on logic and some on emotional intelligence. You cannot apply logic to these statements to make them meaningful.

    1. Nobody goes to that restaurant, because it is too crowded.

    This is like saying nobody who knows about it goes there becasue it's so crowded (crap atmosphere, too much hassle, too busy, too rushed, whatever) or;
    nobody who is important to me (as in like a cliche) goes there. e.g. "Nobody goes to that bar... It's full of tourists"; logic states obviously people do go there (it's full of tourists) but not the people who are of some importance to you or of your social standing whatever that may be.

    2. Don't go near the water, till you have learned how to swim.

    Again, this is like a warning a Mother/Father would say to their little kid. Of course you would let them learn to swim in a controlled and safe environment before you would let them go play near to the edge of a deep swimming pool wouldn't you? The clue is "Don't go near THE water" which leads me to believe they are talking about a particular type of "water" i.e. A deep pool or perhaps a river or the sea? The person is NOT saying "don't go near water, till you have learned to swim".

    3. The man who wrote such a stupid sentence, can not write at all.

    Of course the stupid man wrote a sentance. What this person is saying is that it was so bad he wouldn't even call it a sentance. He wouldn't call the person a writer. It's an exaggerated insult. You could say "the man who wrote such a stupid sentance, can not write well at all" however this has little impact (and something a kid could come up with), what I think this person is saying is he/she would not consider this person a writer in the professional sense. They are not a true writer i.e. author, journalist etc. I think this is a clever criticism from someone who really can write. He/she has got his point across and made an impact in just one sentance.

    "The silence was deafening" - a powerful description. Obviously, if you take this literally it is meaningless.

    4. If you get this message, call me, and if you don't get it, don't call.

    I have to agree this does seems to be pointing out the obvious. However, it does have some meaning since the person who wrote is also thinking about someone seeing it/finding the message later (perhaps it's just a joke). Not likely to be instructions or for clarification. It is obvious if you don't get the message you won't call (for that reason anyway). Perhaps also someone who believes in destiny? Just leave it somewhere and see what happens.

    5. ADVERTISEMENT: Are you an analphabet? Write a letter and we will send you free of charge instructions how to undo it.

    To be honest I have no idea what an analphabet is so I won't comment on this one.
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