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    Under what conditions will the inside of a regular triangle sum to greater than 180 degrees?
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    Nice one!
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    As Garfield once said "Cats see perfectly in the dark. They see a whole lot of dark"
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    Question 1
    Solve for

    Question 2
    You have a chessboard, on which the two opposing diagonal corner squares have been removed. You have an infinite number of domino's, each of which cover exactly two squares on the chessboard. Without any domino overlapping another, and no domino hanging over an edge (So each domino must cover two squares) can you completely cover the chessboard with domino's?

    Question 3
    You have 10 trees in pots. Is it possible to plant the trees in five rows of four trees?
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    Okay... Paradox 1: By definition, in a universe that contains a bullet that can penetrate any object could not contain a barrier that could stop that bullet, and vice versa. Paradox 2 is a variation of this same answer. Paradox 3 is word play my answer would be "Maybe!". Paradox 4 is simple to explain. By passing back in time, the girl becomes a temporal artefact. Killing her grandmother has no effect on her as she already exists in this new time line. Question 5 is easy, approximately 136 Kelvin. Number 6 is wordplay again. I never speak again. Number seven is easy. Under physical law, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Any object that achieves the speed of light (Another impossible task), from it's subjective viewpoint no longer has any time to do anything in (As time slows to a stop at the speed of light) If, however both of these conditions were somehow bypassed, the energy state of the object emitting the light source would rise, but no actual light would be emitted. The object would become more energetic. The last of the paradoxes is interesting. Assuming a truly omnipotent being, if God were to take all of the matter in the universe and condense it into one spot, then he would be incapable of lifting it simply because there would be nothing to lift it against. This is not to say he would be incapable of moving the object, he would simply not be able to lift it.
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    We are thinking about this problem in an analogue way. Think of it in a series of steps. The Barber shaves anyone who does not shave themselves. therefore, he shaves himself because at that point he was not shorn. After this, he had shaved himself, so he does not further shave himself. Assuming that "shave" is defined as a complete shave.
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