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  1. Giga added a post in a topic   

    It goes up, and the animation loops to make an infinite number of lower ribbons.
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  2. Giga added a post in a topic What is better - eternal bliss or a simple bread?   

    This thread is a perfect example of overthinking. When "Nothing is better than eternal bliss" is stated, what is actually meant is "there can be no one object, no feeling, nothing better than having eternal bliss". When "Bread is better than nothing" is stated, what is meant is "having bread is better than having nothing". In a universe where only those two statements are true, bread is technically/essentially equal to eternal bliss.

    The way you guys are thinking about it is having both instances of nothing mean the same thing, when they don't (unless you're a smartass).
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  3. Giga added a topic in New Logic/Math Puzzles   

    We all know Schrodinger's cat. The one that was shoved into a box which had an atom which would die and kill said cat to prove it worked, or not die to prove it was fake. What I'm wondering is that, after the human race dies out, and there is nothing (aside from possible but improbable alien life) to observe, what happens to the cloud of possibilities? Does it ever collapse into one thing? Is it ever observed by rock or star or space? Or maybe a divine being? The way we die is meaningless to the topic, the only requirement is that all sentient life is exhausted.
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  4. Giga added a post in a topic   

    Anything, positive integers, or negative integers, multiplied by zero, is zero. It's like a delete button. If you were to multiply negative 1 by positive infinity, you would get negative infinity, because infinity is still an integer, no matter how you look at it. Zero overpowers integers.

    If a graph has no data, then it's still a graph - it just has no data on it. Pick up a pencil and write some bars, you lazy a**.

    Limitless empty space is truly nothing more than nothing. Until you put something into the empty space. Then it becomes a storage area.

    If a pea were sliced into impossibly thin slices, every molecule separated, perhaps it could be the size of the sun. But you'd need a pea the size of the earth or larger to begin with for humans to ever be able to do it.

    That's all I have to say on the subject.
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  5. Giga added a post in a topic   

    Then again, it's all in how they arrange the ranks.
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  6. Giga added a post in a topic   

    The orange's past self would appear and collide with the present in an alternate dimension, if we follow the "Many Worlds" version of quantum physics. The first dimension would just have the orange roll in and nothing happen to it, and the second has a collsion. Otherwise the universe would just break.

    Oh, and there's the possibility of the orange rolling in at an angle, and the "past shot" orange to entirely miss the present one.
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  7. Giga added a post in a topic   

    1. No1slight
    2. GMaster479
    3. Giga

    This sounds fun.
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  8. Giga added a post in a topic   

    Physical Rating: B
    Dr. Bizmoe says: With a little training and excersize, I'll be ready for an undead outbreak.
    I say: I can't run for very long without getting tired. I'd be one of the first to become a zombie. =\

    Mental Rating: C
    Dr. Bizmoe says: My mental strength and intelligence are remarkable.
    I say: No s***, sherlock! Did it really take you fourty freaking questions to figure that out?

    Experience Rating: F
    Dr. Bizmoe says: He can only assume I know what a zombie is.
    I say: All the experience I have is from watching my brother play Resident Evil 4 a few times, and even then I didn't like watching him play it.

    Emotional Rating: D
    Dr. Bizmoe says: Emotions only get in my way, I'm totally focused on survival.
    I say: Rather, I'm totally focused on my goals. I'd easily kill my family and friends if all I wanted to do was survive.

    Total survival rank: A
    Dr. Bizmoe says: Barring some unforseen cataclysm, I will survive and pass my invaluable experience and knowledge to future generations.
    I say: If I don't kill myself first. =D

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  9. Giga added a post in a topic   

    I got 100% on the first one too. I didn't really read the word, I just looked at it. For the second one, the second time through took exactly 5.25 seconds more than the first. I didn't do either of the others.
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  10. Giga added a post in a topic   

    I said "Uh... Wrench... and green."

    Green's my favourite colour, and I got a monkey wrench as my first play-tool, if I remember correctly.

    Then again, I wasn't going through too quickly, so.
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  11. Giga added a post in a topic   

    Any smart or logical person would take both cups. Since there are prizes, one under both cups, and you're allowed to take either both or the one without a random value, there's nothing about faith to think about - it's either "Do I want both or just this one I have to take regardless?"

    "I think I'll take both.
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  12. Giga added a post in a topic Barber Paradox (Russell's Paradox)   

    The barber shaves himself, if he needs to be shaved, for there are exceptions to every rule.
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  13. Giga added a post in a topic Think about these   

    I didn't read all thirty eight pages of this, hell, I barely read the first page, but it seems you're all overthinking this.

    1. Let's say (hypothetically) there is a bullet, which can shoot through any barrier. Let's say there is also an absolutely bullet-proof armour, and nothing gets through it. What will happen, if such bullet hits such armour?
    ANSWER: If an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, the unstoppable force will go through the immovable object. The armor is a lie.
    People may try this with codes in video games, so here's an addendum: If an unstoppable Mario meets an immovable object, the Mario will die. That's because the unstoppable force is behind Mario, pushing him along with it.

    2. Can a man drown in the fountain of eternal life?
    ANSWER: The fountain does not actually grant eternal life, so yes.

    3. Your mission is to not accept the mission. Do you accept?
    ANSWER: No. Mission complete!

    4. This girl goes into the past and kills her Grandmother. Since her Grandmother is dead the girl was never born, if she was never born she never killed her grandmother and she was born.
    ANSWER: Due to how time works, when the girl went into the past, she went into another timeline. Thus, the grandmother she killed was her grandmother by blood, but not her grandmother from the same 4D plane. Thus, her memories are still correct, and she gets to do whatever else she likes in that timeline, since she abandonned her first one.

    5. If the temperature this morning is 0 degrees and the Weather Channel says, "it will be twice as cold tomorrow,".... What will the temperature be?
    ANSWER: This completely depends on what the temperature was yesterday. There's no science involved.

    6. Answer truthfully (yes or no) to the following question: Will the next word you say be no?
    ANSWER: Nay. Jigau. Non. The word for "No" in some other language than english, or slang, or something.

    7. What happens if you are in a car going the speed of light and you turn your headlights on?
    ANSWER: Due to momentum, your headlights will go at twice the speed of light.

    8. I conclude with this challenge:
    Let the God Almighty create a stone, which he can not pick up (is not capable of lifting)!
    ANSWER: 'Kay. God creates a stone he can't lift. That scientifically proves that he can't be omnipotent, and thus is not God. He can't lift the stone, but he can do anything and everything else.
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