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  1. wolfgangxx added a post in a topic Think about these   

    What you guys seem to be missing is that if she had indeed killed her grandmother/father/mother/her eralier self she would not have been able to go back and kill them therefore the person that she actually killed was not who she thought it was. i.e an identical twin sister she was never told about, her dad's ex girlfriend, he mother's ex boyfrined, her grandad's ex girlfriend. What i'm trying to say is that after she kills these people history will automatically make it so that she kille the wrong person.

    for number 8, god does not have to be able to pick it up to create it, he could simply point his finger at a patch of earth and create it...

    and the tempretue will still be 0, the weatherman is just a prick for trying to confuse people

    and no you can't drown in a fountain of eternal life, because everytime you nearly die of asphyxiation the fountain brings you back to life again so you'll keep on dying and suffering for eternity... what a nice image ¬¬

    and i think i've already posted this answer before but no.1 is that simply one of them would be robbed of its title.

    no.7 is that the light would just pool in the headlights for everyone except the driver.

    and 6 and 3 are just too hard
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  2. wolfgangxx added a post in a topic Hats on a death row!! One of my favorites puzzles!   

    Ahh i only managed to have 10 people survive

    i did it so that whoever is an even number would die since they told the person infront of them what the color of their hat is guarenteing their life. And then the odd numbered person would be able to say the colour of his own hat with certainty........ ofcourse this is replying upon the fact that the even numbered people wont lie on purpose.
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  3. wolfgangxx added a post in a topic Think about these   

    to #1 interestingly there is a chinese proverb that goes something along those lines where a weapons sellers tells people that his lance can pierce any shield and that his shield can deflect the blow of any lance. Then someone asked him what would happen when the lance struck the shield?

    The obvious answer is that one would break and lose its falsified name simple as that.
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  4. wolfgangxx added a post in a topic Liar Paradox (Eubulid or Epimenides Paradox)   

    This is fairly obvious i should think,

    If someone says "I always lie" then wether they are telling the truth or not they CANNOT always lie because:

    1. lets say he's telling THE TRUTH and that up untill that moment he always lied, but by admiting he always lies he has told the truth.
    2. he has lied (in keeping with his satement) so if he is lying about lying then he has just told us that he alwayts tells the truth.

    So, no matter how you look at it he cannot always lie.

    This works for the Cretan assuming that he meant "All cretans are always liars", if not then he would have been able to tell the truth for once and infrom us of the lie telling tenedencies of his cretan countrymen.
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