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  1. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    <chuckle> In my flipflopping I had almost blocked actress, since she was a pretty useless redirect on night two (the only real threat was from Matthias but i didn't figure she would be targeted by him)...But I was a bit wary about that because I thought someone may do like you do and think that the baddies had blocked themselves. Then I flipflopped to blocking GM again, just to not give any other goodie away. I really don't know why I blocked Medji in the end to tell the truth.
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  2. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    Well, I'd just list each player's actions, then the shouldn't be that confusing

    Oh, that reminds me, the OP said that CP's spy should not have been posted, should it? I was under the impression that Gonff's spy was undetectable
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  3. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    I said practically. There was the chance you were the saver and were trying to get us to waste a kill attempt on seemed you were begging to be targeted. I wanted to be sure...because if you weren't the indie I wanted to be sure who I was dealing with, as I was hoping to use you against slick during the day 2 lynch (which was thwarted a bit due to the fact that this spy was written in while our night one spy wasn't...wasn't expecting that). In addition, we were caught in a slight quandry, as a the time, we were going to lose chrispen (and our spy) before night 3. At first, I was going to spy and kill abhisk, but after some of GM's comments during the night cycle, and the fact I wasn't sure about you, and that I needed to know about the living, I decided to kill him and spy you. It worked out even better when abhisk was semi-outted as probably the saver (but I almost convinced myself that he could be Matthias).

    (you should see the flip-flopping I did trying to figure out the actions on night 2...I'm surprised Framm got it right in the end )
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  4. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    Well, we got lucky in a few ways
    1) we vote changed medji on night 1, which was a pretty lucky guess there. After the statements made following the first lynch, we pretty much had medji figured as the vote manipulator...
    2) CP didn't out chrispen being the baddie (although I can see why she wouldn't, since it would out her role). However, being that the indie could only RID on odd nights, it really wouldn't have mattered I don't think, except letting her survive night 2 (I would have avoided her since I would have thought that abhisk would save her). But our kill would have gone after phaze in that case.
    3) we spied onetruth when we killed him, so we knew that Matthias was open for a night kill after that. I wanted to be able to take that role if necessary, but it wasn't - and we couldn't that role because we didn't know who Matthias was (yet)...
    4) phaze was soooo outspoken, we practically had him figured at the end of the day one lynch...since I knew who the baddies actually were
    5) The second night post outted Abhisk to me as the saver...
    6) I was holding my breath on the night 3 post. About half way through the second lynch, I realized that up to that point, every player save chrispen and cavenglok had been active. In addition, every role, save three, had been mentioned at some point: the saver, the blocker, and Matthias. Abhisk, I figured was the saver. I figured we had blocked the blocker (75% sure) on the first night. Which meant there were the two inactives to match with two roles that hadn't acted. Well, I knew who the baddie was which meant that cavenglok was Matthias. Up to that point, I thought slick may have been Matthias (this was before he outted himself during the lynch) because he was being too quiet...

    Regardless of phaze's motiviations for going after CP and slick, they kinda played right into our hands. We only had to really sway one person in that direction. If Medji had been a little more proactive against actressgirl during that lynch, things may have been a little dicier...but I think we could have handled that with a small guess about cavenglok, and slicks vote against him...
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  5. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    Well that was fun (evil maniacal laugh)

    we got a little lucky. thought phaze had it to tell the truth since Matthias could really have been only one of the two inactives. Also thought we were in trouble when everyone was shown we spied phaze. Obviously we couldn't really do anything about that during the lynch without outting one of us (but I figure he had me pegged as a baddie after the lynch. I really had a tough time during that second lynch answering him without giving myself away since not answering would have been a dead giveaway as well)

    oh yeah i also want to thank phaze for doing our dirty work during the first lynch . his outspokeness both helped me pin slick the second day and we pretty much spied him after the first lynch to validate our suspicion that he was the indie
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  6. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    Wait...I thought it was the first lynch that ended in a tie...

    Is it a tie on the first day, or the first tie lynch?
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  7. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    Well.....if you're the indie or a really tricky baddie, then yes!

    Seriously though --- unfortunately the day ended before I could get on to really participate in the voting...the 3PM end time was bad for me that day since i was in meetings at work.

    Either way, I was just making an observation that I don't have enough information to completely absolve you...there's still that chance...I'm thinking the ghost of martin can help with that tonight????

    But if you ask me, slick's acting more like someone with something to hide than you are...ARGH my head is spinning...
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  8. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

  9. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    1) GMaster479-killed byBaddies
    2) Medji
    3) actressgirl
    4) onetruth-killed by Baddies
    5) tpaxatb - voting for slick
    6) chrispen
    7) Cavenglok
    8) Slick
    9) Crazypainter- Lynched turned out to be Gonff
    10) Phaze

    So, that pretty much clears phaze as a baddie, doesn't it? Not quite sure about him being the indie - his tying the vote after my warning was a bit suspicious...any baddies want to out themselves and say one way or the other????

    I'm a little confused about why abhisk was mentioned...

    I think that we'll be losing one goodie and one baddie in the Great Inactivity Purge of 2010 (anyone think they're both good or both bad??)

    I'm going for this vote mainly because of how he acted towards GM the entire game...his apology seems a little hollow to me...

    I have another suspect right now too, but would need to have some pretty convincing evidence to change my vote...
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  10. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   


    Think we may have been played a little???
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  11. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    I see, but I'm a little concerned about the metagaming going on...

    I don't know about a tie though. Seems like it would play right into the baddie hands...they have a vote change, don't they? I don't know...every time there's been a super-vote-change-frenzy at the end of the day it tends to backfire <sigh>
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  12. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    This is the weirdest day one lynch I've seen...I can't make heads nor tails of what's going on...
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  13. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Redwall Mafia   

    Host/Co-host-Framm 18/P4P
    1) GMaster479 - voting for Abhisk
    2) Medji
    3) actressgirl
    4) onetruth-Killed by Baddies
    5) tpaxatb - voting for Medji
    6) chrispen
    7) Cavenglok
    8) Slick
    9) Crazypainter
    10) Phaze - voting for Slick
    11) Abhisk

    It's been too long since the last time i've played and I'm having trouble parsing things --- hahaha

    Random day one votes really suck!

    (edit: remove quote tag)
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  14. tpaxatb added a post in a topic   

    1) GMaster479
    2) Abhisk
    4) onetruth
    5) tpaxatb

    yeah, echo what onetruth said...make sure you PM
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  15. tpaxatb added a post in a topic Wheel of Time Mafia   

    Heh, night 2 i dreamed so it was ineffective, and night 4 you were redirected so my block went through against chrispin. Like I said I coin flipped...if i had blocked clozo, the kill against me would have failed. The night two attempt on me wasn't posted (but the failed attempts were on nights 1 and 3), but if the failed attempt on night 4 was posted we would have had been able to lynch clozo easily. That would have exposed clozo as Asen'gar, and then that would have meant GM was probably Nae'blis..

    Meant to ask you what was it I said that made you think I was a baddie - so I can avoid it in the future?
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