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    The rule to check the divisibility by 13 is:
    Add four times the last digit to the remaining leading truncated number. If the result is divisible by 13, then so was the first number. Apply this rule over and over again as necessary.
    Example: 50661-->5066+4=5070-->507+0=507-->50+28=78 and 78 is 6*13, so 50661 is divisible by 13.

    111,111 is divisible by 13 (13 x 8547)
    the same with 111,111,111,111 is divisible by 13 (13 x 8547008547)
    following the same pattern, we know the fisrt twentyfour 1's are divisible by 13 and the last 24 1's also
    11,111,111,111,111,111,111,111,1xx,111,111,111,111,111,111,111,111 can be expresssed as:
    (111,111,111,111,111,111,111,111 * 10^26) + (xx * 10^24) + (111,111,111,111,111,111,111,111)

    Since the first and the last numbers in parenthesis are divisible by 13, we are looking for those numbers "xx" divisble by 13 (different than 1),
    the only chances are:

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    Everyone says that is impossible because opposite corners on a chess board are the same color.

    I agree with that I know that it is impossible, but try to explain it in a different way...

    What if you paint all the 64 squares or a chess board of the same color, then it makes it possible????
    Say for instance you don't use a chess board, only a board 8x8 without colors on it. HOw do you explain it's not possible to fit the dominos?

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    There are 2 possible orders:

    Y > Z > W > X


    Y > X > Z > W

    Both options matches with the 3 comparison rules.

    However the question is who is the strongest, thus answer is:

    Y is the Strongest!
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    1) Merlin says: N>O
    Here are 2 options:
    a) If M>N&O Then he said the truth => M>N>O
    b) If M< N or M<O then he said the opposite => O>N>M

    > THE KING WAS CORRECT: Nevo was not the strongest wizard at that moment

    - - -

    2) The order could be MNO or ONM. Can't tell at this moment

    - - -

    3) Pyrin said M > N
    a) If P > M & N then P>M>N>O
    b) If P < M or <N then O>N>M>P

    Onyx compared P & N
    If P>M>N>O then O will lie saying N>P
    If O>N>M>P then O will tell the truth saying N>P

    Either way Onyx will say N>P
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    TX is on CDT, FL on EDT
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  6. VICTORD added a post in a topic The Murderer   

    You won't kill me with a gun!

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    My friends,
    The perimeter of a circle is ∏*d not ∏*(r2).

    The other thing you need to consider is every time you roll the tape the diameter increases in 2/50 (not 1/50) because increases in both sides... 2/50 = 1/25

    Then, my answer is; The length of the tape (L) is the sum of all the "perimeters" around the real from the diameter of 2 to 4 inches.

    L= ∏*2 + ∏*(2+1/25) + ∏*(2+2/25) + ... + ∏*(2+50/25) = ∏*(2*50 + (1/25+2/25+ ... + 50/25)) = ∏*(100+((50*51/2)/25)) =
    L = ∏*(100+51) = 474.38 in

    Hope I was clear!

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