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    paradox five: twice as cold means twice as cold relating to the temperature before the (0) so... if the temperature of the day before was (5) then today will be 5 (relatively) = 0 (actual) then tomorrow would be 10 (relatively to before yesterday when tomorrow is today)=5 (actual)

    and for paradox #4 the girl goes to the past and kills her grand mother she will create a different time line that she would be born in but if she returns to the time line she was in first then she didnt kill her grandmother yet because the time line is the same she was born in then if she kills her grand mother into the time line that she was born in then she will go back to the timeline that she went to after killing her grandmother and the only way to survive without shifting time lines is to go to the past after she kills her grandmother so she didnt kill her yet
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