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12 July 2012 - 10:52 PM

[quote/] 1. Let's say (hypothetically) there is a bullet, which can shoot through any barrier. Let's say there is also an absolutely bullet-proof armour, and nothing gets through it. What will happen, if such bullet hits such armour?

2. Can a man drown in the fountain of eternal life?

3. Your mission is to not accept the mission. Do you accept?

4. This girl goes into the past and kills her Grandmother. Since her Grandmother is dead the girl was never born, if she was never born she never killed her grandmother and she was born.

5. If the temperature this morning is 0 degrees and the Weather Channel says, "it will be twice as cold tomorrow,".... What will the temperature be?

6. Answer truthfully (yes or no) to the following question: Will the next word you say be no?

7. What happens if you are in a car going the speed of light and you turn your headlights on?

8. I conclude with this challenge:
Let the God Almighty create a stone, which he can not pick up (is not capable of lifting)!

1. No clue

2. since it is the fountain of eternal life, you would have to quickly drink some of the water, then you would never die in any possible way, not even drowning, however, if you did not drink the water and instead breathed it in, then it would go into your lungs and stop the circulation of oxydised blood, thus drowning you.

3. Easy, no, since you do not accept the mission, you do not have to accept to not accepting the mission.

4. Many theories suggest that if you go into the past and change something, you do not change the future, you instead make a whole new universe were the action you made is in effect. So the girl's grandmother would still be very much alive when and if she came back to her time.

5. There is no scientific "twice as cold", it is just a saying that something is considerably colder.

6. Since I am typing and not talking, you would have to have a voice recording to prove that I said something. IE. Yes (while SAYING no)

7. To you, the light would be going at the speed of light because it is a constant.

8. God make a stone and promises to never pick it up.